Discover the Gems of Melbourne

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Discover the Gems of Melbourne

Melbourne is one of those cities that every person simply must visit not once, but a couple of times in their lives. Even those who live in Australia’s hub of music, passion, art, literature and of course, food never get to completely discover this city.

If you want to discover hidden places, cosy cafes that are off the beaten path, and unusual sites, then keep on reading. 

City Centre

Discover the gems of Melbourne-City CEnter

One thing is for certain – Australians care about the quality and taste of coffee, and café owners often try to be unique. In Melbourne, coffee is a way of life, not just fuel that enables people to live through another tricky day on the job.

Mister Close is located smack in the middle of Melbourne and is a favourite among all city’s coffee and snack lovers, and for a good reason. This café is named after the geography teacher of the café’s owners, and it serves Campos coffee. Campos prides itself on providing coffee directly from the manufacturers, and the taste of that coffee is heavenly.

If you want to have a snack while sipping coffee, then you should know that you can find incredible food, just don’t expect to eat the same thing every day. Their menu changes daily, and there’s always something new for you to try.

Those who always wanted to channel their inner Humphrey Bogart should visit Bar Americano. This small bar is stylishly furnished, which will allow them to feel like they’ve travelled back in time. It’s a secluded and cosy bar, and it can’t accommodate more than 10 people at the same time, but that’s exactly what makes it charming.

Quench your thirst with excellent and serious cocktails in this bar hidden in a dark alley and add some mystery to your life. Be like that film noir detective you’ve always wanted to be.

South Yarra

Discover the gems of Melbourne-South Yarra


South Yarra is a suburb, but not just any suburb. It’s the second most liveable suburb in Melbourne due to its proximity to schools, restaurants, and CBD, as well as an abundance of open spaces. It’s family-friendly, but there are also a couple of places that offer something different.

Leonard’s House of Love is one of such places. It’s located on Wilson Street, and it offers amazing burgers, some would say maybe even the best in Melbourne. This pub-like place is set in an old house, and it even has a smoking area, which is a rare thing nowadays. If you don’t mind listening to hardcore/punk music while you’re eating, then you must visit this hidden gem.

The shopping centre in Chapel St. offers something different than Leonard’s House of Love, and those who have small children will simply love it. Why? Because you can leave your kids to play with other children while you’re shopping. Also, you can treat your kids with an amazing ice cream after a long day of shopping at Frozen by a Thousand Blessings.

There are many shops, bakeries, and restaurants that serve organic food in this centre, and one could say that the only thing that’s missing there is a bed where you can sleep after you’ve seen and bought everything!


Discover the gems of Melbourne-Maribyrnong


All those who want to feel like they’re in China without actually having to go there should take a trip to Maribyrnong. The Heavenly Queen Temple dedicated to Chinese goddess Mazu is located in Footscray, which is a small neighbourhood, and it really looks like its name says – heavenly.

Those who want to escape the city rush should definitely visit Footscray. They will not only get to see this amazing temple, but they will also be able to ride a bike and enjoy the scenery and even visit the Footscray market which is awesome in its own way.

There are many, many more hidden gems in Melbourne, but it’s impossible to list them all. A person could spend their whole life trying to discover all of them. That, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. Who knows what’s waiting for you out there? Get out and find out!

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