He disguised himself, now watch what happens next

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He disguised himself, now watch what happens next

He disguised himself as a gigantic teddy-bear, now watch what happens next. This disabled man wears a costume and what happens will make you think.

You have probably seen this video circulating in the social media already, but it is still worth citing. It successfully demonstrates how our perceptions of others limit us in almost everything we do in life.

There are many videos online, some make you laugh, some stir you into action and others leave you thinking. This is exactly what this next video is trying to achieve. Pro Infirmis conducts a social experiment, find out the outcome.

The main protagonist, Fabian, has admitted that every day when commuting to and from home the seat in the public bus next to him often stays empty.

There are only a few people who don’t have empathy with disabled people. However, for most of us the fear of the unknown and ignorance is what stops us from putting a smile in all the ‘Fabians’ in the world.

As a society we must make greater efforts in integrating and not segregating handicap people. Integration will only be achieved through acceptance.

The final message of this video says; ‘handicapped people are a regular part of our society. So, get closer.’


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