Divorce tattoo, the new trend in the rise!

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Divorce tattoo, the new trend in the rise!

Young divorced women have taken to tattooing their failed marriage on their bodies and then post them on social media as an attempt to learn from it, help them heal quicker and possibly a new way of coping with a breakup.

What does a divorce tattoo look like? Here are a few examples:

divorce tattoo


divorce tattoo

The divorce tattoo serves as a badge of life’s tragic experiences and a reminder of the emotional scars.

These women ink texts like” Always a lesson, Never a failure”

Or “This too shall pass”

Life’s most tragic moments have a way to imprint themselves forever in your memory. These women will recover from divorce in time but these divorce tattoos will stay around a tad longer. In view of their present situation, it is understandable and possibly a quicker way to the road of self-acceptance and turning the page over to new beginnings. Everyone has their ways of dealing with life’s hurdles and for these women, this is their manner of self-healing.


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