Do Social Media Addicted Teens Become Media Obsessed Adults?

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Do Social Media Addicted Teens Become Media Obsessed Adults?

Facebook was the first and the only social media network in 2005. After that, many other sites were also launched. After 2010, there were over a hundred social media apps and sites. Few platforms have only apps while others offer both the desktop as well as mobile versions of their websites. More than 4 billion people on the planet use Facebook.

The numbers of users of other social sites are also the same. Now we have Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, TikTok and many other addictive social media websites and apps. They are making money by engaging the users. Free services given to the users pay them heavy money in the form of investment and revenues collected from the ads.

Social media addiction is a dangerous thing and it should be dealt with accordingly. Parents have the biggest responsibility to keep eyes on their kids and monitor their social media and other online activities. We are going to discuss the signs that show your teen is a social media addict. In the next sections, we will talk about how you can deal with such kids and prevent social media addiction.

Signs That You Teen is Social Media Addict

As our topic is to see how the teens become adult social media addicts, we need to talk about the signs of teens who can become social media addicts. Below are the top reasons which prove a child or teen is a social media addict and parents should do something about it.

Check Phone First in Morning

Whenever your teens get up, the very first thing they do is to check the social media apps. As most of the teens and kids have smartphones now, they can use the apps of social media platforms instead of using their websites. This is a big sign of social media addiction in kids and teens.

Frequent and Recurrent Page Visits

Another important sign is that your teens visit their social media apps or sites too often. They make frequent and recurrent visits every single day. They are obsessed with social media websites and cannot live without it. This addiction goes further and they spend a good amount of their time on social media.

Shares Too Much on Social Media

Do Social Media Addicted Teens Become Media Obsessed Adults?

You will see many teens and kids sharing every single post on social sites. They have hundreds of posts shared every single day. It is another factor which shows when the kids or users are addicted to a social media site. They believe these posts are everything and the world is all about social media posts.

They Use it to Connect with Friends

There was a time when teens and kids used to spend time together. They visited each other’s homes in order to spend time. But nowadays, the only option for kids to connect with friends and talk to them is social media. They don’t bother going outside and see their friends. Instead, they prefer to send a message and discuss things.

Their First Choice to Spend Time

When your child has nothing else to keep himself or herself busy and spend time without using social media, they are the addicts. You have to be careful. Many teens believe social media is the only place where they can find entertainment and spend their time. Everything else around them is worthless. Such teens are social media addicts.

No Interest in Other Activities

Almost 10-15 years ago, teens and kids were active in sports and games. But today, they are social media obsessed. Teens are not interested in any other activity. For such kids and teens, all other activities are boring. The only thing they need is social media.

There are a good number of reasons and signs of social media addiction. Teens at an early age become social media addict and this habit grows further when they become adults. So they are now adults but still as addicted to social media as they were as teens.

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