Does Caffeine Cause Hair Loss? Your Definitive Answer

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Does Caffeine Cause Hair Loss? Your Definitive Answer

Hair loss is a phenomenon which tends to occur in males and to a lesser extent to women. This is a natural process, which is transferred through genes in some men and causes their hair to fall off with time. Hair loss is a problem that does not have a definite solution as to date and people suffer at large from this disease which causes baldness as a male age.

The major cause of hair fall is Androgenic alopecia, which if treated or medicated in the early stages, can be treated, while the later stages will lead to baldness eminently. On baldness occurs due to genetically transferred hormones, but stress and other problems during life can also lead to hair loss in males, though the significance and magnitude will vary considerably.


Researchers have dwelled into the subject and according to latest studies and reports, it is suggested that caffeine might be a viable option for reducing hair loss and curbing the disease. Studies have given insights to the fact that caffeine helps in hindering baldness and limiting hair loss, thus increasing the time span of complete hair loss. It is believed that caffeine has a healthy effect on the hair follicles and can promote and help in the development of healthy hair in males.

The phenomenon behind this fact lies in the theory that hair follicles are the prime features which determine the hair health and the status of baldness. People who have healthy hair follicles are much less prone to baldness, and hence the health of hair follicles is an issue with people who face hair loss. The hair follicles are the ones who maintain the hair tissue and the initiation and growth of hair throughout the period. If hair follicles are not healthy and weak, hair disorders can be resulted, which is the prime reason for hair loss.

The role of caffeine in this regard is then to stabilize the health of the hair follicles. What caffeine is believed to do as it helps in the strengthening of the hair tissues and regulation of hair growth. Caffeine is tested to hinder hair fall by stimulating the hair follicles and helping them against hair disorders and health issues. Caffeine also helps to hinder the effect of testosterone in men, which causes hair growth and detrimental effect on the health of hair follicles.

Topical caffeine was tested against sample of hair follicle and sample with testosterone and it proved that not only caffeine blocked the negative effects that are caused by sensitivity of hair follicles to testosterone, it also helps in the growth of hair in the long run. Caffeine hence helped reduce hair loss, and this countered the effect of baldness in men, which occurs naturally.

Topical caffeine is used in shampoos these days to exploit this phenomenon and help people fight against hair loss. These shampoos also help in hair growth and improving hair health, hence the use of caffeine in terms of hair health is extremely crucial, and cannot be overlooked these days.

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