Double The Value Of Your House With These 6 Amazing Improvements

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Double The Value Of Your House With These 6 Amazing Improvements

Investment in properties has always been a good business idea. However, investment in properties isn’t only about purchasing them. You could also invest in a property you already have by improving its present condition. We are talking about investing in your own home. When you renovate your home, it won’t just serve you and your family with all its rejuvenation, but it would also have a higher resale value than an ill-maintained property.

Although renovations can come at a hefty price, they don’t always have to! Moreover, if done right, the returns on this investment are double the expenses incurred. Here are six fantastic tips for your home improvement

Change the roof

According to a Remodeling Magazine survey conducted in 2013, a new or renovated roof can increase the resale value of your home by nearly $12,000. The increase is independent of the location of the house; the fact depicts how lucrative a roof restoration can be. Why miss the extra $12,000!

Moreover, did you know that according to a 2018 survey, an average median house situated in Sutherland Shire is valued higher than a similar median house located in New South Whales? So, if you have a home in Sutherland shire, you must take the opportunity of further making the most of your investment by opting for adequate roofing. This would only add another gem to your already coveted property. However, to ensure that the roof renovation is done right, you must always choose a trusted name such as Rekote Roofing Sutherland.

Prep the bathroom

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t count as an expenditure if you ask the industry experts. Moreover, an report states that a small renovation in your bathroom can increase your home rate by 102% during resale. However, a “small renovation,” is not the exact phrase you would want to use. In fact, most homeowners would count it as a major renovation when you choose to change your tub, tiles, toilet, or the floor.

You could further your aim to redo your bathroom with fresh paint on the walls. Moreover, keep in mind that people only choose from the heap of trending choices, and hence, the designs you pick should be evergreen, and not require major alterations whenever you intend to sell the house.

New flooring

There is always some room for improvement in almost everything. In your case, it lies right beneath your feet. The right choice of tiles on the floor could elevate the price bar! More people are opting for ceramic tiles today than ever. They add water resistance, durability, and make the maintenance of the floor easy.

Moreover, ceramic tiles aren’t majorly affected by pollution, dust, or pollen, and thus, they are the safest options for those with sensitive nostrils or throats, as they don’t provide the breeding ground for allergy-causing particles.

Moreover, you get to customize their designs.

Bring home the future

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has recently presented a report about the resale value of homes. According to the report, a house with solar panels possesses a $15,000 greater price than one without it.

In today’s era, among the echoes of, “go green,” be the game-changer.

Smart home

In a 2017 survey by T3 Sixty, 40% of the total realtors think that smart homes sell faster and at a higher price. The world is turning towards automation. People need assistance in everything they do. Laborious work is ceasing to exist, and ideas are taking over the world. Therefore, in such circumstances, automation has become a new trend. For the starters, you could opt for new lightings accompanied by sensor-triggered switches. You could also install video cameras, dimmers, heating, and cooling devices, which can be controlled from your IOS or your androids.

Protect the walls

The colour palette of your walls can add or take away volume from the home. It could change the over-all persona of a property. By choosing neutral or cooler colours for the walls, you could add extra panache to your home. Bright, peppy colours do nicely for a kid’s room. Always select a high quality, water and dust resistant paint for the exteriors of your house.

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