Driving Innovation – Must-Have Technologies for Small Business Transformation

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Driving Innovation – Must-Have Technologies for Small Business Transformation

In 2023, you’ll need a software ecosystem to be competitive. Companies with a strong digital presence see 45% revenue growth and for good reason. Thanks to digital transformation, businesses may simplify teams, optimize repetitive procedures, and efficiently address consumer issues.

The best part is that applying a digital transformation for your company need not require you to be a tech whiz. A number of tools are there to assist with the digital transformation of different business sectors. And we’ll go over every one of them down below.

You can not only save your team time by adopting the proper tools, but you can also increase their level of engagement at work. Here are some resources you should use in 2023 to get there. Driving Innovation – Must-have technologies for small business transformation

1. CRMs on the cloud

The digital transformation journey will inevitably include adopting a cloud-based CRM solution. Platforms for managing customer relationships (CRMs) assist firms in generating and storing leads.

  • Draw up the sales process
  • Cut sales cycles short
  • Control client interactions
  • Sync up both marketing teams and sales
  • Customers who cross-sell and upsell
  • Boost client loyalty, etc.

Enterprise CRM solutions give out more functionality than just a simple CRM. You can access all the elements necessary for marketers, salespeople, and support personnel in one interface with the aid of platforms like HubSpot. CMS software is also there in the toolkit.

2. CMS Systems

You must produce and manage digital material, right? Without a CMS platform, you won’t get very far. Software that enables the upload, personalization, and publication of content on the web is known as a content management system (CMS).

It might not, is the best solution for your all needs. Deep customization is possible with developer-friendly platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. We suggest HubSpot’s CMS Hub for content managers with little to no technical expertise. The platform provides more than 3,000 templates, drag-and-drop modules, and a number of HubSpot tool integrations.

3. Software for Project Management

It’s important to note right away that not everyone requires project management software. When you have a sophisticated collaboration platform like Miro, investing in a specific project management solution could just make things more difficult.

However, adding project management software to your tech stack is essential if your teams are still communicating via Slack. Your teams will be there to analyze projects, allocate and finish projects, check the efficiency, and gives managers reports because of the tool.

Your toolbox will influence the platform you choose. Some platforms offer capabilities for marketers and sales representatives in addition to standard project management functions.

4. Solution for Cybersecurity

We are living a very easy life because of digital instruments. But with modernization, these instruments also bring some danger to human life. Any business owner should be extremely concerned about cybersecurity. Make sure that information of private companies, like Social Security numbers of employees, is safe.

Solutions for data security shield your tech devices and systems’ integrity from online threats. It’s important to safeguard computers, USB drives, servers, networks, and mobile devices. Your company’s information and funds are protected from cyberattacks and danger with the right protection. One very good and affordable option that goes well with the demands of small businesses is Comodo.

5. Tools for Social Intranets

The most advanced collaboration tools are social intranet tools. These platforms enable you to view your entire suite from a single dashboard and connect your business applications to an intranet site. It functions much like a private social media channel for internal use.

Even though many claim intranet software portals are unnecessary and out-of-date, they are currently the only method of combining all the business channels and devices. You may create a powerful employee-focused intranet by combining a social intranet solution with a communication platform like Slack or Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners.

For organizations and teams expanding quickly, such intranet options include LumApps, Workplace by Meta, and Honey. LumApps allows you to:

  • Establish a news centre containing information on the company, the news, social media activity, etc.;
  • Create a Leadership Corner, the communication tool for leaders;
  • Offer an HR portal including HR news, FAQs, job boards, and surveys, among other things.

6. Platforms for digital adoption (DAPs)

We’re opening the list specifically with digital adoption platforms. The big hurdle to digital transformation is digital adoption. A third of CRM installation efforts end in failure, did you know that? Without an exact adoption plan, you may have to anticipate the same success rates of software uptake in fields in place of CRM, for example, project management and communication tools, etc.

Platforms for digital adoption provide a solution. DAPs are very important for onboarding customers, users, and employees.  The best part is that DAPs let you keep track of how users engage with the tools and identify the elements that they frequently find challenging.

There is no better place to start than Whatfix if you want to test a digital adoption platform. The platform provides a selection of options for easy user onboarding, staff training, feedback administration, and in-app behaviour analytics.


While it’s true that many of these platforms offer fantastic intelligence solutions for enterprise organizations, without a good end-user support and adoption plan, your staff and clients will be left behind. They will feel dissatisfied and overburdened by the new procedures, which will kill productivity and performance and result in customer attrition.

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