Durable & Effective: A Guide to 3D Letter for Businesses

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Durable & Effective: A Guide to 3D Letter for Businesses

Durable 3D lettering is a very popular way to advertise and promote companies. The letters can be made from aluminium, steel, acrylic, foam, laminated foam, and formed plastic. The durability is dictated by the materials. As a general rule, metal costs more and also last long. Aluminium can provide you with the metal look and feel but for significantly lesser money. It is a very cost-effective material.

Even in terms of mounting, there are options available for both indoors and outdoors. There exists double-sided tape which is used for flat indoor letters, and much more. The letters can be front-lit or back-lit. Durable 3D lettering solutions are good for businesses as they offer more flamboyance in the typical signage boards. It is easy to read and offers a modern sense of aesthetics. Your business gets seen more easily.

Get the right kind of sign matching your business needs: When going for Durable 3D lettering, conduct the right kind of market research and find out what is popular in the current trends of design. Figure out if the thickness of the letters, the kind of materials used, and the style is as per your business needs. Keep the goals, guidelines, and the policies of your company or firm in mind when selecting the right durable 3D Lettering solutions. There should be a synergy between the brand values, and the 3D sign you are going to get.

Durable & Effective: A Guide to 3D Letter for Businesses-3D Letter

Different Types of Durable 3D Lettering

  1. Dimensional Lettering: It is not illuminating and it can be used for both interior and exterior 3D signage. It is used for clear and crisp design.
  2. Channel Lettering: This is an illuminating type that has three-dimensional letter construction. This is preferred for its visibility during day and night both.

Materials Used

In Durable 3D Lettering, plastic is used most commonly, whether it is acrylic, vinyl, or PVC. Metals like copper aluminium, bronze are also used for durable and attractive designs. Letter foam is also used, and its functionality is that it is light in weight but dense at the same time.


The recommended thickness for non-illuminating 3D signs is around 2 inches, while the depth is 3 inches. For illuminating signs, the thickness of the letters can vary between 3-5 inches, while the depth can be 5 inches.

Let’s take a look at the top dimensional lettering styles:

Flat Cut Metal

  • This is great for both indoors and outdoors
  • It is good for letters and logos and comes in varying thicknesses
  • It comes with finishes like aluminium, brass, bronze, steel, copper or other even colours painted on it.
  • The production time is 2 weeks

Cast Metal

  • The letters made up of cast aluminium are classic in look, and also offers durability with dimensions
  • Made up of environment-friendly alloys

Fabricated Metal

  • Is strong and stable
  • It weighs less than the letters made of metal
  • It is resistant to corrosion and has sharp edges

Laminated Metal

  • It has an elegant look that is useful in reception areas or exhibits
  • There are a variety of metal and foil laminates
  • The substrate is acrylic or highly-dense foam
  • They come in varying thicknesses

Laser Cut Acrylic

  • It is extremely durable and has fully customizable letters and logos
  • It has laser-cut polished edges
  • There is a wide range of colours and also thicknesses
  • The production time is faster

Formed Plastic

  • It is resistant to water and also environment-friendly
  • There is a wide range of style and colours
  • With the use of brushed or polished chrome laminate, it looks and seems like metal
  • Both front and backlit are available
  • It is budget-friendly

With this handy guide, you would be able to choose the right 3D lettering to advertise your business with pride.


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