Dynamic stretching routine to help ease stress and muscle tension

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Dynamic stretching routine to help ease stress and muscle tension

After weeks of being cooped up indoors do you feel stressed and achy? You are not alone. A sedentary life is weirdly physically hard. There are some obvious culprits; couch potato style of living is giving our bodies aches. All of us stuck to our chairs/desks at home. Our bodies are made to be moved and sedentary lifestyles will result in muscle aches. More than that, the constant anxiety about the state of things in our world also adds to our stress levels.

It’s a stressful time we are living in and when stress builds up, it can have a slew of negative effects, ranging from increased muscular aches such as neck, shoulder and back pain a consequence of tense muscles.

The good news is that you can help your body get better with stretching. “When you stretch, your brain produces endorphins that help you to relax,” says Jeff Brannigan, program director at Stretch*d.  

When you stretch properly, you help promote circulation, which eases muscle and joint pain in the target area. Below are 4 YouTube examples of dynamic stretching routine to help ease stress and muscle tension in your body.

1. Dynamic Full Body Flexibility Routine by Tom Merrick

2. Join jessicasmithtv

For this full length, total body stress relieving stretch that you can do in a small space with no equipment.

3. Join Dr LA Thoma Gustin

For a 10 minute active stretch – no equipment, full-body, warm-up or cool down and also great to iron out your kinks.

4. FitnessBlender will help you de-stress

With a relaxing stretching workout for stiff muscles & stress relief.


Featured photo by LYFE Fuel on Unsplash
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