Early Birds Fall Beauty Trends

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Early Birds Fall Beauty Trends

With the arrival of a highly anticipated third season, we couldn’t hide our excitement to finally see who will wear what, and what beauty hacks would be lit in 2019. For the ladies who never get tired of the latest beauty trends. We’ve singled out some of our favourite picks for the upcoming season. Sneak peek of early birds fall beauty trends you need to know.

Early Birds Fall Beauty Trends- blue

Throwin’ shade, only fashion

Buckle up for the electric icons that many celebrity makeup artists have embraced! Sapphire blue eyeshadows bring out every eye colour, so it’s safe to say you’ll look gorgeous whether you’ve got blue, hazel, brown or green eyes. By watching Charlotte Tilbury’s YouTube makeup tutorials. You could easily recreate the blue smoky eye effect that Kim Kardashian brought to fashion a couple of years ago.

Early Birds Fall Beauty Trends-tangerine

Tangerine dream

You could literally throw any colour on a beautiful woman, and she’ll still look good. This season has brought so many colours you wouldn’t even think of using, but which can make you look both fresh and radiant. Orange eyeshadow looks good on any skin tone. If you opt for a coral or even nude lipstick, be sure you’re doing it right. It’s good to take some beauty risks from time to time, so you can actually know what suits you best.

Show me your hair, and I’ll tell you who you are

Gorgeous hair is guaranteed to draw attention, and it’s one of many factors your overall beauty depends on. Taking care of your locks shouldn’t be a big deal. Especially, when there’s so many different organic shampoos and conditioners that are gentle to your scalp and head. Apart from that, many women in Australia are known to be using Bondi boost hair vitamin that supports hair growth and makes their hair shiny and healthy. If you consider them as an option, you are only two capsules per day away from having gorgeous and strong hair.

Get that vegan face glow

There’s nothing more satisfying than the fact that you’re using cruelty-free and 100% vegan products for your skincare routine. Acure sheet masks are quite popular these days and it takes only 20 minutes to regain freshness and say goodbye to your tired face. Place the mask adjusting eye, nose and mouth area and massage the remaining serum to your face and neck when the time comes. Pamper yourself with one of these incredible masks once a week, and you’ll feel better about yourself.

Early Birds Fall Beauty Trends-red

Classic red lips

Valentine’s day might have passed, but Marilyn Monroe’s signature lips are here to stay. If you’re going for the bold red lips, keep it simple on the eyes with soft nudes. For the super sultry and sexy date night look, follow our leads. Prep your skin with a pro filter primer and smooth your skin with strobe cream by applying it all over your face. Then, use a brush to apply your preferred foundation. Add a concealer wherever you feel your face needs it, and then blend it with a beauty sponge. Set your face real quick with powder, underneath your eyes and your whole face. Contour your face with a bronzer and blend everything out with a big brush. Optionally, highlight your nose, cheekbones and a cupid bow with a highlighter. Do your eyes with soft nude eyeshadow palette. Add some drama with brown eyeliner because it’s way softer than a liquid liner or a black eye pencil. If you want larger lashes, then fake it til’ you make it. Line your lips with a red crayon and a liquid lipstick, and voila! Also, if you haven’t heard by now, Kim Kardashian has launched her own line of classic reds in cherry pop, hot sauce, candy apple red, and classic red. So, choose your favourite pick and get ready to break some hearts.

Nailing the hand game

Fresh mani and padi are mandatory for every high maintenance woman, and this year has already brought some of the coolest trends regarding your little fingers. The rose quartz nails are the new goals, and there are tons of online tutorials for those who like to experiment at home. Lavender is also a major obsession or any other pastel colour.

Now that you have flicked through this list, we can only imagine how impatient you must be feeling about the latest trends that are approaching together with the new season. 

Brigitte Evans

Brigitte Evans is a Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant and a writer from Australia, with a sweet tooth for makeup and everything sparkly.

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