Are you earphones driving you insane?

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Are you earphones driving you insane?

Are your earphones driving you insane and burning holes in your wallet? Every two months or so you need to go get a new pair because your old ones are beyond repair. Now you own a pair of earphones that mutated into a rat’s nest.

Does this enigma bug you, but really why do earphones always end up tangled? Your tangled headphones can be explained by science.

Apparently, it all comes down to length.  People at the University of California, who obviously suffer from a bad case of tangled headphones or have way too much time in their hands, have published a paper titled Spontaneous Knotting of an agitated string which uncovers ground breaking data surrounding the mystery of tangled headphones.

They concluded that if your cord is less than 46cm in length it will never get tangled. Any longer than that and the more chances it is going to knot up.  At the length of 150cm it has 50% more chance of definitely tangling.

It’s interesting research but not practical because nobody wants to shorten their earphones cords. This study has value in so far as helping us find out ways to best prevent earphone tangles.

There are a wide varied of solutions out online for keeping earphone cords in check.  There are some cool solutions out there if you want to spend money, like from DIY Paracord sleeve.

It’s movement that tangles your earphones, yet what is the use of having earphones if they are to stay home?  Here are a few DIY solutions to avoid tangling your earphones.

The easiest strategy is to wrap your earphones loosely around anything to keep your cords from tangling; like a credit card.  Another useful and inexpensive way to ensure your earphones stay in check is to use twist ties, the kind that secure bread, roll the earphones in your fingers and then tie them up. Scrunches or rubber bands are good too.  If you keep the ends from meeting you’ll never have any tangles. Problem solved!

Here’s an easy way of wrapping your earphone without cause damage and avoiding a tangled mess.


What is your favourite way to prevent your earphones from getting tangles?


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