Easy and Effective Ways to Unblock Your Drains

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Easy and Effective Ways to Unblock Your Drains

Have you noticed there’s a drain in your home that isn’t working properly or as well as it used to? Do you want to fix the issue before it gets worse? If so, you may need some solutions to fix the problem you are dealing with. Following are easy and effective ways to unblock your drains.

How to Clear a Blocked Drain

Clearing a blocked drain doesn’t have to be as challenging as it may seem. Some effective ways to get the clog out of your drain can be found here.

Boiling water

Hot water is a magic worker – especially when it comes to your drains.

If you are dealing with a clog caused by grease, soap, conditioner, or a similar substance, hot water may be all you need. Simply boil some water and then pour it into the blocked drain. The low melting point of the substances mentioned will likely be shifted enough to get things moving again.

Natural cleaners

Using natural cleaners is a safe and effective way to clean clogs in drains, too. The best combination is baking soda and vinegar. The “fizz” created by this combo can loosen most clogs.

Caustic cleaners

Purchasing drain cleaners at the store can provide effective cleaning for a clog, too. However, these cleaners are made with toxic chemicals, which means you need to be careful when you are using them.


Using a plunger is an effective way to eliminate clogs. Use it as you would in the toilet, and you can dislodge the clog to get the thing moving again.

DIY drain snake

Did you know you can make a drain snake at home? All you need is a wire coat hanger. Simply straighten it out and leave a small hook at the end. Then slide it into the clogged drain using the hook to remove the clog.

Plumbers drain snake

If your drain snake isn’t effective, consider calling a plumber. They can come with a professional drain snake, which is longer and more effective than the one you made yourself


If you can’t find the drain and none of the methods above are effective, you can hire a plumber that offers CCTV services. With CCTV, a small camera is put into the drain to find the clog. Once the clog is found, the plumber can create a plan of action to remove it.


Pressurized water can easily clear a drain (in many cases). Hydro-jetting services are offered by plumbers and can be an effective way to eliminate a clog in your drain or pipes.


For more serious situations with your home’s drain or pipes, excavation may be required. With this, the entire part of the damaged pipe will be removed and replaced. Unfortunately, this job is extensive and can be expensive, so trying the other solutions first is recommended.

Pipe Relining

For some damages, it is possible to reline pipes rather than having to replace them completely. It is good to discuss this option with your plumber to figure out if it is a viable solution for your home and situation.

Calling a plumber to help with clog-related issues will help ensure the problem is fixed and that proper function to your drains is restored.


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