Easy Ways to Perfect Classy Style for Women

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Easy Ways to Perfect Classy Style for Women

There’s a thin line between classy and confused, and all too often, women find themselves on the wrong side of this line. This is because keeping it classy means keeping your look both conservative and sexy, and this plurality can be difficult to master. However, it’s also a little like riding a bike: once you’ve got it, you’ve got it for life.

So let’s get it. Here are a few amazing, simple ways to refine and perfect timeless, classy style. 

The Balancing Act

American costume design Edith Head said it best: “Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.”

This is the quintessential crux of classy style. You can show off your figure, but you don’t want to be lewd. So, by all means, wear a short skirt or a crop top or a plunging neckline, but you have to balance out that skin with some coverage. Short skirt? More conservative top. Tight crop top? Long and loose pants. Plunging neckline? Knee length dress.

model in shorts, ankle boots and jacket

Classic Colours

While a classy look can incorporate all the colours of the rainbow, in general, you want the primary colour or colours to be timeless. Think black, white, beige, navy blue, deep green or ruby red. Colours like hot pink or busy patterns can be used to add a pop of colour to your look, and can even be used as part of your outfit (like a blouse or pedal pushers), but a whole outfit in hot pink or paisley is garish.

model with loose white long sleeved shirt and blue denim

Class is always understated. This look from Aje embodies a casual class, with a simple, but noticeable pop of pattern.

One Trend at a Time

We’re all for taking on trends, but trying to take on too many at once sends the message that you’re trying too hard. This magnitude of effort goes against the easy grace that’s a cornerstone of any classic look. Yes, you want to look put together, relevant and polished, but you don’t want to look like you’re trying to sport a jumble of trends.

headless model with button shirt and long loose sleeved white shirt

Pick one trend, like a pair of faux-leather leggings, or a red sequined top, or a skirt replete with buttons, buckles and embellishments and stick to that. The rest of your outfit should stand as a backdrop to the bolder trend.

Sexy Accessories

If you’re having trouble grasping the subtle sexuality that’s part of looking classy, a good place to get your footing is by using accessories to play up sex appeal. Strappy, high-heel shoes with a more conservative dress, for instance, is an easy way to play up the sexiness without looking trashy.

model with long white one shoulder dress

Other sexy accessories to try? Chokers! These emphasise your neck and clavicle— undeniably one of the most underrated but incredibly sexy parts of the body. You can also try a corset belt, which is accents (and emphasises) the smallest part of your waist, emphasising that Va-Va Voom.


Classy is not synonymous with boring, but it should not be confused with bargain-basement ‘class’ either: that thrown-together, knock-off brand. In the end, you bring the sexiness to a classy look. This is one of the most important things to remember. Your figure, your swagger and your inner self can make even the most conservative look subtly seductive and classy.

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