Eco-Cleaning – Does Your Home Get a Real Green Clean?

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Eco-Cleaning – Does Your Home Get a Real Green Clean?

Recently, there have been many home goods popping up that are promoted as “all-natural” and “green,”; from groceries to paper products to cleaning supplies. We’d all like to be environmentally friendly and stay away from harmful chemicals that could cause sickness. Conventional cleaning products can expose us to chemicals that have both known and unknown toxic effects, but presumably safer alternative sometimes comes at a much higher price.

Traditional cleaning products

Some of the chemicals found in traditional cleaning products have adverse effects on humans and the environment. Apart from acting as respiratory irritants, reproductive toxins, or carcinogens, the organic compounds employed to enhance a product’s performance can also impair neurological functions, depending on the extent of exposure. Choosing products that have a significantly lower effect on our health and the environment, and ensuring proper use, is of utmost importance.

Green cleaning plans

Although you might know the benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products, you probably aren’t aware of whether your house cleaning service provider or the employees who work in your apartment building know enough about green cleaning. Unfortunately, even the best green cleaning plans can fail when you are not all on the same page.

However, you must choose the right products in suitable quantities and ensure correct usage to reap these benefits in full. Despite the efforts of house cleaning service providers to move towards green cleaning, product substitution might still be an issue. You may have picked a specific product for your house cleaning project, but the work gets done using an entirely different product without your knowledge. It’s, in fact, one of the reasons why most people are not sure about the effectiveness of green cleaning products. There are a few challenges faced by house cleaning service providers as follows.

1. Unreliable Employees

Both product manufacturers and house cleaning service providers know the benefits of green cleaning. Unfortunately, their employees rarely use the specified products. In most cases, you may find that a member of the cleaning staff failed to understand the importance of green cleaning or considered this type of cleaning product inferior to the traditional products that have been in use for years. In such cases, it’s simply a matter of ensuring the cleaning staff understands how to use green cleaning products as well as the potential benefits.

2. Hazardous Ingredients

Many conventional cleaning products are known to contain potentially harmful ingredients from mild irritants to confirmed carcinogens. As such, switching to safer alternatives is in the best interest of those who use and handle house cleaning products on a daily basis. By lowering exposure to potentially harmful substances, building occupants and cleaning staff reduce the risk of adverse side effects. 

3. Product Identification and Certification

As a management professional, you face a double challenge. For starters, you must know the right products to procure. Secondly, you need to ensure your cleaning service provider always implements an effective green cleaning program. Knowing the best product to use might prove difficult if you do not have any background knowledge about green cleaning products. 

However, standards and certification can offer a viable solution to both problems. Independent third-party certifications demonstrate a product’s conformity with high health and environmental standards. Some cleaning service providers will have certification for their businesses and not just their products, which means they have had their products and services audited independently.

4. Home is a good starting

In our obsessive consumer-driven culture, creating instead of consuming is one of the most radical options. But you should not be ashamed to start small, not if it means you have begun. Remember, revolutions begin at home.

By making any of the products you use on a day-to-day basis, you will have taken an active and participatory role in your life. As beneficial as professional house cleaning services are, do-it-yourself projects and finding online cleaning products are also a good idea, improve your health and overall well-being, and have a positive effect on the environment, hence the importance of learning how to make your own cleaning products. By educating yourself about green ingredients and coming up with an eco-friendly home cleaning checklist, you can help keep toxic chemicals from flowing into our homes and environment.

Bottom Line 

Opening your stuffed-to-overflowing storage solution is one of the easiest ways to start. Your cleaning closet most likely contains unnecessary, needlessly specific cleaning products for distinct applications. The sooner you start simplifying, the better. You can ditch the harmful chemicals, free up some time, save some money, and still get a clean home by whittling your house cleaning routine to the use of make-it-yourself products. You will streamline your housework with ease once you know how to make your own cleaning products.

Understanding the benefits of green cleaning is not nearly the same as ensuring everyone else shares that knowledge. When all’s said and done, giving your building an eco-friendly clean is a lot easier due to an ever-increasing number of independently certified green cleaning services and products.


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