Efficient Ways to Make The Most Out of A Small Space

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Efficient Ways to Make The Most Out of A Small Space

Let’s face it: small spaces can really cramp your style. It’s time to take back your space and get the most out of it. Whether you’re looking to create a brighter, more open room, to find more storage options, or simply need help finding ways to love your small space again, we’ve got the solution for you. Stop feeling trapped. Read on for the most efficient ways to transform your small space into the best room of your home. What follows are 5 efficient ways to make the most out of a small space.

1. Decorate with Lighter Hues

You might think paint is simply paint, but it can be a game changer for small spaces. Darker hues on your walls might feel bold and trendy, but they absorb light and make space feel gloomy and shadowy. Lighter hues will reflect light, making your space brighter and airier; this also applies to furniture and décor. Skip the heavy, dark wood furniture, thick, floor-length curtains, and instead play with pale hues like white, grey, light blue, and cream.

Efficient Ways to Make The Most Out of A Small Space

2. Create Room

With a small space, you’re naturally going to want to push furniture up against the walls and maximise the open space. A great, but counterintuitive tip, is to leave a few inches between your furniture and the walls; it’ll trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it is. A simple and stylish way to do this is to add a console table, which can also eliminate the need for side tables—just be careful not to overload it with clutter, like magazines, pictures, books and figurines (find out how clutter could be jeopardizing your relationships).

Efficient Ways to Make The Most Out of A Small Space


3. Create Zones

Aside from being wonderfully cosy, rugs are a handy tool to have in a small space: they can help delineate zones or spaces to create the illusion of different rooms within one. Centre furniture around beautiful statement rugs in different areas of the room, like a coffee table and couch zone, a desk zone, and a reading nook. You might even start to fool yourself—it’s not just the living room anymore, but also the study and den.

Efficient Ways to Make The Most Out of A Small Space

4. Get Creative

It’s time to get crafty: making use out of every item in your small space is so important, and we know exactly how you can do it. Finding bonus storage space is a must, so coffee tables, ottomans, and end tables all have to serve a dual purpose. Try to integrate shelving where you can (shelves built into walls are especially handy), and don’t be afraid to move it upwards; high shelves help draw the eye upwards and free up valuable real estate.

5.Go Big

If you’re trying to make a room look larger, your best bet is to actually size up your furniture and decorations. Otherwise, space can quickly start to feel cluttered and cramped. Instead of a loveseat and an armchair, use an L-shaped couch to fill up the space, and use oversized statement vases, dramatic art, and interesting lamps sparingly to decorate without overcrowding. Go big or go home, as they say!

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