Ellen DeGeneres Hilarious 50 Shades parody

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Ellen DeGeneres Hilarious 50 Shades parody

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson finished filming both Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. For the die hard fans like Ellen DeGeneres there is always hope there will be a fourth installment. Ellen DeGeneres has a few ideas which she shared with the rest of the world with the help of Jamie Dornan.

Ellen DeGeneres has a healthy and rich imagination. Her take on fetish sex fantasies are hilarious as expected. As a result she came up with Fifty Shades Darkest.

To show she has put some serious thought into it, she asked her host Jamie Dornan to play billionaire Christian Grey and help her showcase her brilliant idea.

Ellen DeGeneres in her role as Miss Staples is seduced by Christian Grey and as expected they end up in the bedroom where things get a bit hot and steamy.  Ellen DeGeneres uses tape to retrain Christian Grey’s hands and seductively snips his tie in half. It all gets very steamy, very quickly and not even Christian Grey can’t handle the heat…..

Watch the video below, as Jamie Dornana and Ellen DeGeneres act a hilarious Staples themed bondage scene.

Ellen DeGeneres has achieved to make the simple, humble office stapler look so sexy.

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