Essential Fashion Pieces Professional Women Must Own

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Essential Fashion Pieces Professional Women Must Own

When you are a professional woman, often the hardest time of the day is the time you must decide on your work outfit. For office wear, button-down shirts, dress shoes, and variations of suits are usually enough for men. However, women often navigate vaguer social rules and stricter guidelines. With the disadvantage of not having an “office uniform” as men. Without guidelines as to what exactly is the appropriate “office uniform” women attempt to guess. Repeating an outfit might feel like a ‘ faux pas’ and constantly shopping for new attires can be too expensive. What comes next are essential fashion pieces professional women must own.

So it’s vital that you invest in pieces that can likely follow you throughout your entire career. Choose items that will give you a good value for your buck. These are essential fashion pieces professional women must own – pay close attention, they are lifesavers:

Basic Shirt    

Essential Fashion Pieces Professional Women Must Own


If you are a recent graduate and haven’t amassed capital for clothing, purchase high-quality basic shirts. A nice pair of comfortable, formal pants in your closet and neutral T-shirts are a valuable addition.


Button-up Shirt


Essential Fashion Pieces Professional Women Must Own

When in doubt, turn to the reliable, timeless button-up as a companion for skirts or pants throughout the week. They’ll never go out of style, and they scream professionalism.

Business Dress

Dresses are fantastic for the office because they’re an entire outfit in one easy step. On the days when you’re running late but want all the rewards of elegance and sophistication, there’s nothing better.

Choose solid and/or neutral colours. By adding a variation of accessories, people won’t notice it’s the same dress even if you wear it often.


Essential Fashion Pieces Professional Women Must Own

A quality blazer is not hard to spot; they really do look different, and they feel different. A nicely cut and manufactured blazer can be slimming and fitted in the right places while not restricting your arms to your sides either. You can dress up casual clothes or throw it over a top and nice jeans if your office is more casual.

Business Pants

As much as you’re going to love a great, non-descript dress to throw on in the morning, you’ll likely spend most of your working life living in a pair of pants. Buying from brands who truly focus on workwear is smart for these especially, so they’re never too tight or informal.

Pencil Skirt

Essential Fashion Pieces Professional Women Must Own

Whether it’s an interview or a meeting, having a reliable and well-made pencil skirt in your closet is always a nice feeling. They’re a magical garment — they make any top look more formal and professional.


A nice luxury watch might seem like a splurge in itself, but it’s probably the most professional accessory you can own. Something about the association with watches and the sort of lifestyle that lends itself to grandfather clocks and a bustling, busy life has made it one of few accessories that actually succeed in stepping up an outfit to a more polished and professional look in a moment.

Neutral Flats

Many women want another option besides wearing heels to work every day. Flats are still formal enough for the office, but they’re easier to walk in, more comfortable, and often less expensive.

Low heels

Essential Fashion Pieces Professional Women Must Own

Do invest in a pair of work heels that are of neutral colours and have low heels. It’s a purchase that makes a lot of sense in the long run. You’ll be wearing them all day, ditch the higher heels shoes because they’ll hurt your feet after a couple of hours. The low heel shoes are professional looking and will look after your feet’s comfort too. One last point to remember, choose neutral colours for your shoes. Neutral colours mean your shoes go with more outfits, so you can potentially wear them much more often than a pattern.

Work Bag

Unlike your social bags, work bags need more room to keep your stuff organised. Think about where you’re going to put your laptop and all the other personal essentials too. Invest in a work bag that is both fashionable and functional. 

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