Essential Tips For Cleaning Gloves

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Essential Tips For Cleaning Gloves

We all are going through a pandemic and we have to maintain some regulations recommended by the WHO or the World Health Organization to keep our family safe from Coronavirus contamination. Wearing a mask, washing hands frequently and maintaining social and physical distancing is mandatory for all. But we have to work to earn our foods, and we have to go out to our meetings and official work. In this case, we should maintain some preventive measures to safeguard ourselves. What follows are essential tips for wearing gloves.

Re-usable gloves

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, wearing disposable gloves can save you from contamination and it is mandatory for all health workers. But you must use such disposable gloves for the sole purpose, and you have to dispose of them after every use. It is not an economic solution because if we follow this regulation then we have to carry hundreds of gloves each day for our official work. In this case, we can use some reusable gloves. Cleaning gloves is easy, and we can easily clean them in our home.

According to the medical practitioners, wearing gloves can give a false sense of security to the wearers and they do not feel to wash their hands. It will spread coronavirus and wearers cannot protect themselves from such contaminations. But if you wear reusable gloves and maintain some guidelines then you can keep yourself safe from coronavirus. Here, you can find some tips for cleaning gloves:

How to clean rubber gloves?

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You need to use water, soap and rubber-safe disinfectant for cleaning gloves. It is suggested to use such rubber gloves for your household cleaning, which are reusable. Rubber gloves are not recommended for health workers. If health workers use such gloves, then they should disinfect their gloves in a proper way. Make sure, you must use the gloves for your personal use and do not share your gloves with anyone.

Cleaning tips to rubber gloves:

  • For cleaning gloves, you can wash the outside portion of the gloves with mild detergent and hot water. Remove dirt, dust and germs from the gloves, and then rinse the gloves with water.
  • Now remove the gloves and wash your hands with soap and water. Then turn the gloves inside out and soak them in soap water. You can soak them for few minutes.
  • Hang them to a dry place and use the gloves once they are completely dry. Before you use the gloves, you need to sanitize the gloves. You can use disinfecting products or alcohol-based sanitizers for the task.
  • Always store the gloves in a cool and dry place. If you find any damage or punctures on your gloves, then do not use them. Make sure, there are no holes in the rubber body.

How to clean the Latex Gloves?

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Latex gloves are known as disposable gloves, and you cannot reuse them multiple times. These gloves should be discarded after each use. But, COVID-19 protective gears like gloves, masks, and hand sanitizers are available in limited areas and you can reuse your latex gloves by maintaining WHO rules. They have recommended some tips for cleaning gloves.

You need a disinfect bucket, freshwater, soap or mild detergent, and an apron for cleaning gloves. You can clean and disinfect a bucket with soap water. Do not touch your exposed area or bare skin during this cleaning process. Grasp the outside of the gloves and pulling it inside out. Remove the gloves from your hands and put them in a bucket filled with soap water.

Wash your hands with fresh soap water to prevent the risk of contamination. Now you can remove the debris, dust, and grease from the gloves. It is better to soak the gloves in soap water overnight.


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