Essential Tourist Guide Through Cultural Riches of Bucharest, Romania

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Essential Tourist Guide Through Cultural Riches of Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is a city of singular architecture, spacious boulevards and numerous parks. Bucharest has an epic history, a multifaceted ethnic mix, and an unusually rich cultural heritage. There’s an impressive French architectural heritage that lies between the dreary apartment blocks a product of the communist period.

In recent years, Bucharest has become a bustling city, part old world charm and part contemporary cosmopolitan charm with an edgy nightlife. Where one can visit cozy cafés, museums, theatres and dine in the gorgeous restaurants for a very affordable cost.

Welcome to the new travel hot spot of the European Union and enjoy every moment of your stay in the land of the notorious Count Dracula. What follows is an essential tourist guide through cultural riches of Bucharest, Romania.

The New Face of a Very Old Nation

Eastern Europe has increasingly become popular among travellers from all around the world in recent years primarily for its well hidden cultural heritage. According to the number of historical monuments, Bucharest occupies one of the first places in Europe and judging by its popularity among Russian and European tourists that arrive in thousands for unforgettable Bucharest bachelor nights, this city is a party mecca to say at least.

Every passionate reader of the novels about Count Dracula. Has to visit the land from which the famous “vampire lord” spread his reign. Most of the excursion routes are related to the theme and stories about the great villain. To begin the examination of historical hotspots, it is best to visit the Plaza de Bucarest, in the city centre.

Arcul de Triumf

Grom where rises the Arc de Triomphe (Arcul de Triumf), a monument erected to commemorate the victims of the First World War. At the top of the arch, there is a viewpoint, from which a magnificent view of the panorama of the city opens up.

Romania is famous for its lush paradises and national parks. Directly behind the arch starts the Herastrau Park. Where you will find exciting shops, modern tennis courts and the boat hire station for a cruize around the lake. In terms of museums, the most visited is the Zambakyan Museum, filled with collections of paintings and sculptures by Romanian masters.

Nearby you will find one of the largest buildings in the world named the Palace of Parliament. Which stands as a testament to harsh times of communist dictatorship. This building alone is a great reason for a visit to this city. Since it still stands as the heaviest manmade construction ever created. The Central Square of the City known better as “Strada Lipscani” is full of pavilions, restaurants, and charming cafes. At the same time, it proves to be the best place for a relaxing walk.

Surprisingly, Bucharest has one of the most beautiful bookstores on the planet. Its name is Cărtureşti Carousel, a spectacular building of the nineteenth century restored and opened in 2015. It has more than ten thousand books and a cafe on the top floor with an amazing view of the city.

Gorgeous Palaces That Never Cease to Amaze

Romanian’s capital is full of luxurious houses and opulent palaces that exhibit the grandeur and richness of the country’s past. The Cotroceni Palace, which besides being the president’s palace, is one of the most impressive buildings in the city. It only allows guided tours prior reservation, which exhibits a high dose of security since it also makes the headquarters of the National Museum.

The mixture of styles is amazing and the rooms that are represented on the guided tour are exceptional. There’s rich Italian, Oriental or French style furniture, exquisite paintings, refined carpets, luxurious lamps, many halls and corridors. All telling of the turbulent Romanian past. Everything simply shines, except the guards, who do not allow you to take pictures and get quite angry if you take out the phone. All cameras have to be left outside. 

The small church in the palace gardens and its frescoes also deserve to be seen. To circle the whole Romanian cultural experience one has to finish this adventure at Plaza Unirii. It’s one of the most central and bustling squares in Bucharest. Besides being one of the main transport hubs in the city, it is also a leisure area. With a major shopping centre and a large lush paradise-like park. The Unirii square is a spot where 400,000 people pass every day and if anyone wants to feel firsthand what Romanian spirit looks like in the most casual manner. Having a coffee nearby at beautiful open cafes while watching the residents will prove to be the best method to do so.

Regardless of your intentions for visit, this city will amaze you with its cultural heritage and architecture unprecedented elsewhere. It is obvious that the Romanian capital is sure to be one of the most exciting places to visit in the future. 

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