Evaluating The Perks And Drawbacks Of Sleep Dentistry

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Evaluating The Perks And Drawbacks Of Sleep Dentistry

It is pretty natural if you are afraid of dentistry processes. It is estimated that around 40 million people suffer from dental anxiety; that will make them hesitant to visit the dental facility and avoid going to the dentist altogether.

This anxiety or phobia related to dentistry procedures is related to the potential pain and discomfort involved in these processes. In other cases, this can be due to a past traumatic event that happened at the dental clinic.

To tackle this fear and help people relax while visiting and going under the dental treatments; doctors invented and implemented sedation dentistry. With the help of sleep dentistry in Melbourne, you will need not have to experience the fear of dental treatments. Read on to understand what sleep dentistry is. Evaluating the perks and drawbacks of sleep dentistry.

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry refers to making the patient sleep with the help of sedatives so they need not have to experience the potential pain and discomfort of dental treatments, with the use of anesthesia, which will numb the sensation or bring complete unconsciousness.

You have various options at your helm for sedation. You can either choose inhalation of nitrous oxide, an oral pill, or you can also take the intravenous injection. General anesthesia, which will make the patient entirely unconscious, is widely preferred by dentists worldwide.

When you undergo the sleep dentistry treatment, you will be partially sedated and you will also be able to respond to the instructions of the dentist. You may not even remember the whole procedure with the help of a sleep dentistry procedure.

It is a very safe procedure, available for a wide range of ages, and widely used by dentists worldwide to curb and eliminate the fear and anxiety of dental treatments from the patients.

Now, we know what sleep dentistry is. Let’s see why you should think about getting the help of sleep dentistry Melbourne experts to get through your dental procedure without any anxiety.

Why Should You Consider Sleep Dentistry?

  • This process is easy to administer as your dentist will prescribe you a pill that will keep you sedated during the whole procedure. You will be ready to drive home after an hour or so with the help of the oral sedation method.
  • Sedation dentistry is preferred because, after the treatment, you may not even remember the whole process. This is great for patients who suffer from dental fear because they’ll have no memory of what went on while sedated.
  • You will be able to respond to your dentists while being sedated with oral sedatives. You will only feel drowsy, but you’ll still be awake and responsive. There is no need to fear that the site to be operated on will be numb, and you will not feel any pain whatsoever.

Now, as the coin has two sides, sleep dentistry also has two sides. As it has its benefits but also has its drawbacks. Let’s get an idea about the cons of this dental procedure.

Why is Sleep Dentistry Not a Good Option?

  • If you are taking administered IV and nitrous oxide sedation, then you’ll begin to feel their effects pretty quickly. However, with pill sedation, the results won’t kick in as fast.
  • When you take an oral sedative, then the sedation level is not easily changed. It will be a while before the sedation works its wonders. It does make sense to increase the dosage, but that can also have adverse effects depending on a person. Plus, the sedative will work differently from person to person as everyone metabolizes pills differently. So, it’s hard to tell how the sedative will behave and how long it will take for it to kick in.
  • Although sedation dentistry will help you relax and keep you pain-free during the dental procedure, it may hurt your pockets too. Ask and check with your insurance and evaluate whether they will cover sedation during your operations or not.

It is prevalent to be afraid of dental treatments. However, sleep dentistry in Melbourne is one of the best options for patients suffering from anxiety or fear of dental procedures. Ask your dentist about sedation dentistry and see if you are eligible or not and be free of worry.

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