Expert Advice – Finding the Ideal Home for A Growing Family

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Expert Advice – Finding the Ideal Home for A Growing Family

Becoming a parent is a major life change. Some life changes call for other big steps such as purchasing a new home to accommodate your growing family. Now, finding that ideal place to move to can be complex. However, if you stick with some expert advice, you’re sure to make the right decision. What follows is expert advice – finding the ideal home for a growing family.

Set a home buying budget

Your finances will largely determine the house price you should be aiming for. Start off by tackling the numbers and setting a home buying budget. Even if both of you might be working at the moment, that may change in the future. Discuss your plans beforehand so that you know if you can count on one or two monthly incomes.

The next step would be to consider your financing options – most homebuyers apply for a loan. After having your financial information reviewed by a mortgage lender, you’ll know the amount of loan you can get and exactly how big of a home you can afford. Larger homes will come with larger monthly bills, taxes, and maintenance costs, so be sure to factor that in as it will inevitably affect your monthly income.

Consider the location and neighbourhood

This is something that has to do with your personal preferences. A person who has just graduated from college will certainly have different priorities than someone who’s a parent, so you want to factor that in when deciding where to move to. When hunting for a family home, you want to think in terms of proximity to schools, work, and public transportation as well as the safety of the neighbourhood.

For those looking to relocate in the Land Down Under, moving to a sought-after suburb could be the ideal solution for your growing family. Australia’s coastal metropolis is abundant in an amazing house and land packages in Sydney that eliminate the hassle of building a home while providing you with an ideal place for raising a family. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or just started a family, settling in a home with a great location and safe neighbourhood is essential. Those things can’t be changed once you move in, so keep them in mind and choose wisely.

Check out the display homes

Aside from the financial and geographical aspects of homebuying, finding the perfect house to raise your family in also has to do with the look and size of the space. Your new home has to be able to accommodate the needs of your growing family while also being able to adapt to the changing lifestyle dynamics. For many people, purchasing a house is a major life decision, which is why you want to make sure that your new home is a perfect fit.

In places such as Australia, which is known for its numerous display villages, visiting display homes to get inspiration is a common practice among homebuyers. With a number of homes to choose from, future homeowners are able to narrow their options down by selecting those homes that suit their design style, taste, and budget. The available space will also play an important role here, so keep in mind the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and guest rooms so that your new place can accommodate everyone.

Look for child-friendly features

Since you are buying a family home, you want to make sure that your family can be safe there. This is especially important for younger ones as their curious nature often has them exploring which could potentially get them in trouble. This is why you want to make checking your new home’s safety a priority – you can start by assessing how child-friendly it is.

A yard with a fence means your children can play safely outside without you worrying, while an open floor plan will allow you to supervise your little ones playing in the living room while you’re preparing lunch in the kitchen. Plentiful storage and a convenient bathtub are also handy features, especially if you’ve got younger kids. Some areas of your new home will need to be child-proofed individually, though – these usually include stairs, swimming pools, bulky furniture, as well as electrical outlets.

Wrapping up

With a newborn on the way, finding a new place to move to can seem like a daunting task. But, as we all know, family and home go hand in hand. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have no trouble finding the ideal home for your growing family.


Chloe is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator.

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