Exterior Improvements as Property Value Boosters

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Exterior Improvements as Property Value Boosters

If you are looking to move house and sell your old home, naturally you want to make sure you sell it to the highest bidder. However, the bids will only be as high as much as your property is worth. Nowadays, homebuyers are looking to hit the proverbial jackpot. Searching for properties boasting numerous contemporary features – beautiful pieces of art that will bring joy and comfort to the new family.

If you want to stand a chance in the competitive home market, you need to make sure your home trumps every other choice in the neighbourhood. Here are the top five exterior improvements you want to do in order to raise the value of your property.

Build a beautiful deck or patio

People appreciate any extra space they can get, especially if it comes in a form of a beautiful outdoor deck, or patio. While building an entire deck is a costly business, it will substantially raise the value of the entire property. With the average ROI reaching 74% for composite and 87% for wooden decks.

Likewise, people love having a place outside where they can relax with friends and family, and even introduce furniture and basic amenities for a Sunday cookout or a cocktail party. A backyard patio will make their dreams come true. Building a patio is a simple and oftentimes inexpensive project, but it will increase the value of your property nonetheless.

Exterior Improvements as Property Value Boosters

Do some thorough landscaping

If there is anything a potential homebuyer will appreciate, it’s a meticulously organized landscape. Enriched with flower beds, various greenery and even vegetable gardens, the surroundings should boast a vivid display of natural beauties.

By doing some thorough landscaping, you will be able to bring a certain intimate feel to the property and even hide it from the outside world. This will attract prospective homebuyers looking to shield themselves from the troubles of the outside world – a feature they will be glad to pay for.

Enrich your pool area

One of the most important details that will greatly define the value of your property is your pool area. Not only is the entire pool system supposed to be operating in top condition, but it should also be of a contemporary design. Therefore, the pool and its surroundings must be maintained on a regular basis.

Make sure to inspect the pool for any wear and tear, and give it a fresh new coat of durable swimming pool paint in order to bring it back to its former glory. Additionally, consider updating its surroundings with LED lighting, stepping-stones, and lush greenery.

Exterior Improvements as Property Value Boosters

Improve the curb appeal of your house

It’s never too early to start tidying up your home’s exterior. After all, prospective homebuyers will form their opinion long before they even venture inside the house, so you want to dazzle them as soon as the house comes into view. You want to start with the curb itself.

Inspect the pavement around your property and fix any damage. Likewise, make sure the trash cans are new and empty, and move on to the driveway. If needed, give the house a new coat of paint, and don’t forget to touch up any irregularities on the facade.

Refurbish the fence and tidy up the backyard

Finally, you want to inspect the fence and the state of the backyard and the front lawn. Is there anything you might have missed? Is the fence in good condition? If needed, be sure to fix the fence and its hinges, knobs, and other parts that might have suffered due to the passing of time and constant use.

Secondly, take a long hard look at the lawn and the backyard. You want these areas to tell a story and to evoke certain emotions, so make sure you tidy up and introduce additional features such as walkway lights, swings, stepping-stones, etc., in order to boost the value of the property even further.

Exterior Improvements as Property Value Boosters

The residential market is blossoming around the world, and you want to do everything in your power to capitalize on the increasing demand for modern homes. Be sure to follow these essential steps and you will have no problem increasing the value of your property.


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