Fabulous & Stylish: Outdoor Birthday Party

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Fabulous & Stylish: Outdoor Birthday Party

When the sun is shining outdoors, we can’t help but want to go out and enjoy nature. And if your home is blessed with a yard, you don’t even have to go far to reap all the benefits of the outdoors! In addition, an amazing purpose a yard can serve is being the venue for a fantastic outdoor party. Everyone likes a good barbecue, and the possibilities when organizing a memorable outdoor gathering are endless. So, if your birthday is anytime soon, why not take the celebration outside? Here are some tips for doing just that:

Setting the stage

First, check whether your yard is in need of some cosmetic adjustments for the big day. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes and remove weeds – it will make your yard appear so much neater! If you have some clutter lying around, needless to say, it has to go. If you still have plenty of time, you can also bring some colour into that space by planting some annuals. If the party is to be set on your patio, a couple of potted flowers will make a huge difference. If you decide to hang them, they won’t even be in the way once the party gets going!

Before you get down to the details

First of all, it might be a good idea to pick a theme. This is, of course, not an obligatory step, but having a theme is fun and it also makes the rest of the process easier and the outcome more cohesive. For instance, if your birthday is in the summer and you are a lucky owner of a pool, what about a classic pool party with colourful floats and delicious cocktails?

Next, check the calendar and set the date. You might think invites are old-fashioned, but they will make the whole thing more streamlined. The lack of a dress-code can oftentimes create confusion in case of outdoor parties. So, spare your friends a bunch of nerves by including the information on the invites!

The highlight of the evening

The type of food you will be serving will highly depend on the theme you picked as well as your preferences. However, one thing every outdoor birthday party has in common is the cake. If you’re handy in the kitchen and still find time between all this organizing, you are very welcome to bake your own birthday cake. However, if you live in a big city such as Sydney, getting one delivered from a reputable cake shop can be a good solution. Pick your favourite flavour and your guests will surely love it!

Don’t forget additional seating

You might already have your outdoor seating but don’t brush this issue off so easily. One of the most annoying things about outdoor parties is when there is not enough seating for everyone. So, bring in one or two more benches so that everyone can be comfortable. If you’re organizing a more casual gathering, you can also make comfortable sitting nooks on the ground by laying down blankets.

Light up the evening

Unless you’re planning to call it a day at 7 PM, you are going to need some kind of lighting for the night. The good news is, you don’t need much illumination to see, and ambient lighting will also add to the mood! If your party is more on the elegant side, think about fairy lights and candles. If you’re throwing a fun and playful event, colourful lanterns will look amazing.

Comfort is half the success

We cannot deny that not everyone is a fan of being outdoors. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to make peace with the fact that some of your guests are going to feel uncomfortable. If you’re expecting that it is going to be hot, have fans and plenty of ice prepared. If you know it’s going to be sunny, prepare parasols so that no one ends up with a heat stroke. If, on the other hand, you expect the temperature to get a bit chilly after the sun sets, prepare extra blankets people can use if they get cold.

Depending on where you live, bugs such as mosquitos can be a nuisance. The first step in mosquito-proofing your place is getting rid of any standing water well in advance. Moreover, look up solutions such as products with citronella oil and don’t shy away from using plenty. You don’t want your party to be remembered as “the one where we got eaten by mosquitos,” do you?

An outdoor birthday party, if executed right, can turn into a memorable evening you will remember fondly. Pay attention to the aforementioned tips and you will be able to pull it off!


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