What your face says about your health.

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What your face says about your health.

Looking at your reflection in the mirror can be thought as a sign of vanity but research suggests that our reflections can tell us a lot about our health.

Here is a helpful guide of warning signs:

Bloodshot eyes

Bloodshot eyes are a sign that you are not getting enough rest, which means you need to hit the pillow a bit early. In some cases, it could be a result of hay fever or other allergies, which can be resolved with over the counter antihistamine. Severe pain, however, could mean glaucoma, which is a sudden increase in eye pressure and you should see your doctor immediately.

Puffy Cheeks

If your face feels puffy to your touch, the problem could be linked to sinusitis or conjunctivitis, which, is mostly irritating and is fairly easy to treat. Another possibility is an underactive thyroid, which occurs when you don’t produce enough of the hormone – thyroxine. The insufficient production of this hormone will slow your metabolic rate and you will begin to slowly put on weight. The good news is that it’s also treatable so see a doctor.


Acne in adulthood could mean you have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Symptoms include irregular periods, weight gain, unusual hair growth, and acne. The condition cannot be cured but is treatable and if you suspect you have it quickly see a GP because left untreated can lead to other health issues.

Swollen eyes

When the area underneath the eyes becomes puffy or swollen, our first impulse is to put some tea bags or cucumber slices over our eyes. Should this little home-remedy not vanish the problem then we are looking at something more serious. It could be your kidneys are not functioning, as they should be. Kidneys are the primary organ responsible to ride waste and fluid from your body and releasing hormones to regulate blood pressure and make red cells. Sporting an unhealthy kidney will result in high blood pressure, weak bones, anaemia and nerve damage. Other symptoms to watch out for are; fatigue, lack of appetite, insomnia, muscle cramp at night, swollen feet and ankles, dry skin and needing to urinate more frequently.

 Red Nose

A persistent red nose could signal something more serious. It could be a sign that you are drinking too much alcohol; drinking alcohol can dilate the small vessels near the nose making it seem red. Redness can be related to the autoimmune condition lulus, which causes fatigue and joint pain as well as butterfly –shaped rashes around the bridge of the nose.

Dry Skin

There are many triggers for dry skin; animal hair, soaps, hormonal factors, dust mites, pollution and pollen as well as certain foodstuffs. To avoid dry skin you must try and learn from experience what brings on your attacks so you can learn to avoid them.

Mouth and teeth

Maintaining a good oral hygiene is great for pearly white smile and you health too. Gum disease damages your teeth and if left untreated can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke due to buildup of plaque in the blood stream.

Cracked lips

Lack of iron is very common among women. The symptoms for iron-deficiency anaemia can be difficult to detect, particularly if you are pretty health, as well as tiredness, headaches you could also be prone to cracked lips. Fortunately, this condition is easily treated with iron tablets.

Next time you look yourself in the mirror you might detect some health issues you need to take care of.


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