Fantastic Study Room Decor Ideas that Will Blow Your Mind

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Fantastic Study Room Decor Ideas that Will Blow Your Mind

It is a human tendency to keep exploring new innovative ideas to brighten up the space where we live. Whether it is a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or study room, we want them to offer a cozy, convenient feel combined with a stylish and sophisticated look. 

When it comes to decorating your study room, you need to be very careful. The study room is the space in the home which needs positive vibes and a relaxing environment. It should have an encouraging decor that motivates you to study hard with utmost concentration. 

The good thing is you can personalise your study room as per your preferences and desires, and you don’t need more budget and space for that. You can convert a corner of your living room into a study room if you have no extra room. However, decorating a study room is not as easy as it seems. You need to be very careful while doing so. From flooring to adding curtains Melbourne, it requires some time and effort to decorate your study room. 

We will share some study room decoration ideas that might make your job easy and stress-free. Stay tuned! 

Setting Up The Room

The first and foremost thing is to ensure the right setting for the room. Do you want to use a corner of your living room as your study corner or have an entire room to convert into a study room? If you want to create a corner as a study room, you need to buy curtains online to ensure that the corner stays different from the rest of the room. Ensure that you keep your studying table next to windows to allow natural light to improve your focus and concentration.

Furthermore, you can add some comfy chairs or a couch to add some sitting area in the room, especially if you love to read while lying down. 

Furnishing The Room

Cluttering your study room is not a good idea, especially if you distract easily due to such disturbances. You need to keep it as minimal as possible. For example, if you want to study in the room, keep a comfortable chair and a plain desk while keeping your books and other supplies away from the room. 

Also, there is no need to hang wall pieces and other decorative items on the wall. You can hang a wall clock if you want. Ensure that the desk has everything you are looking for, including notebooks, pens, pencils, and other study-related things. 

All the supplies must be put properly so that you can use them effectively. For example, if you keep printing papers from your computer, keep it handy to not have to stand up to collect printed papers. Choose a desk with some storage facility to store documents, books, and other materials. 

Furthermore, ensure that the lighting is adequate and does not strain the eyes. 

Add Color To Personalize The Space

Do you want to paint your study room wall to make it look more vibrant and positive? If yes, then use a light wall colour such as plain white or cream. It will keep the room bright and shining. Choosing a dark colour is not recommended as it will give a gloomy feeling. Choose bright and lighter colours such as light blue, light green, pastel yellow, or light purple. Choosing wall colours will undoubtedly impact your productivity in the room. So ensure that you choose the right colours that encourage you to study more. 

Add curtains 

Keeping the desk near the window and covering it with lighter, bright curtains is the best thing you can do to your study room. Ensure that you choose bright coloured best curtains that adds vibrancy and radiance to the room. Dark curtains will not serve the core purpose. 

Add Accent Decor

Do you want to make your study room friendlier and colourful? Adding some small pieces to the room will do the trick. You can add some pillows, a rug, artwork on the wall, or add some showpieces on the desk to make it more vibrant. Ensure that you don’t clutter your room or make it too busy that it can distract you while studying. Ensure that you come up with a few accent pieces that complement the study room decor. 

Wall Decor

Another thing you can do is decorate your wall so that it does not look cluttered and disorganised. Use posters, pictures, and other wall-decorative prices that can enhance the overall beauty of the home. Include a corkboard or pictures or other wall pieces you find worthy enough to add to your study room. 

Motivate Yourself Through Decor

While decorating your study room, ensure that the decoration, as a whole, motivates you to study hard and work tirelessly. You can add some motivational quotes and other images to motivate you to study. 

Include A Calendar

It does not fall in a decorating list but is kind of essential for your study room. Add a calendar or agenda in the study room to help you stay focused. You can go for a desk calendar available in the market, or you can create a wall chalkboard for your study calendar. You can write down all the details, including deadlines, subjects, revision dates, and other things. 


Your study room must have a positive vibe and should reflect creativity and vibrancy. Ensure that you add different types of curtains to make the room more radiant and allow natural light to enter the room. We hope that these study room decorating ideas will help you create a visually appealing yet superior study room where you can study peacefully.

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