How far are you willing to go behind closed doors?

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How far will you take your sex life?

Relationship are about compromising, how about sex? How far will you go in with your bedroom games?  Here are a few hints how you can handle yourself should your partner try to push your boundaries and you are not too sure if you are ready.

When you are surprised with a question verging into a statement such as this one: “ Honey, I’ve had this fantasy for a while, and I feel like you might be into it, but I don’t want to freak you out.”

Cleaver approach really and you would like to come across as the reserved, unadventurous one if you were to react defensively. How do you answer back?

Like this:

 “ You can’t freak me out. I’m open to pretty much anything! Say it with conviction, because he can’t read your mind.

The conversation continues on:

“ It’s kinda messed up.”

You respond with:

“ I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine.”

He finishes with:

“ I like to wear women’s lingerie.”

It’s a bit of a blow and there is nothing exciting about this scenario you feel at that moment.  Wait he continues to finish on his fantasy by adding:

 “  I would like you to order me around when I’m dressed in lingerie and spank me too.”

You’re probably feeling the wave of shock travelling through your body by now. You just couldn’t picture your loved one as the submissive, naughty girl. You’re thinking if anyone should be role-playing that scenario is ME!

Give it some time to sink in and then why not give it a try. You might find that you will enjoy the power you get from this role-play. Enjoy the feeling of power that usually only men get to enjoy.



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