Farm Holidays in Victoria – Best Places You Should Visit

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Farm Holidays in Victoria – Best Places You Should Visit

If you love the great outdoors and love the feel of nature; then the Outback is the place for you. It is the ideal combination of spectacular views, stunning landscapes and extreme adventure challenges. There is plenty to see and do when you are backpacking around the Australian Outback. It is a case of where you want to go and how long you want to stay out there.  Farm holidays in Victoria – the best places you should visit. If you are up for it, here are three unique places you can visit.

1. The Great Dividing

Farm Holidays in Victoria - Best Places You Should Visit

The Great Dividing Range Walkway takes you to the high plateau of the desert. You will enjoy a walking tour through this enchanted land of Australia. The panoramic views from this route are worth seeing.

This Outback adventure tour will allow you to see the lush vegetation. Abundant wildlife and unique flora and fauna of the region. This Walkway is carefully planned and is fully serviced and maintained.

Also, this route is well-known for its scenic beauty, unique topography, and spectacular scenery. It offers travellers a chance to see some of the best views in Australia.

You can enjoy camping, fishing, and even horse riding, trekking, and mountain biking adventures in the region.

Suppose you want to find a farmstay in Victoria. It would be best if you considered taking one of the adventure tours offered by tour organizers.

2. Birdsville Track

Farm Holidays in Victoria - Best Places You Should Visit

One of the most popular Australian Outback experiences is Birdsville Track. Enjoy touring the Outback in a luxurious campervan accompanied by friendly wildlife guides. The tour guides will take you around the wetlands, waterfalls, up Mt Bogong, and through the swamps to the Drygate River valley.

Suppose you want to experience a bit of culture in this region. Then the Indigenous Way of Life Visitor Centre situated, which houses one of the oldest surviving aborigines. It will provide you with a fascinating insight into the area’s history.

You can also find a farm stay in Victoria. This unique collection of traditional buildings, pottery, accessories, sculptures, and furniture, provides a beautiful insight into how the locals lived.

The centre is open from May to October. Other attractions as you travel in Australia include the Daintree Game Reserve. Here, you will walk through the bush with your own hands and see wildlife up close. Hence, making it easier to enjoy all the different aspects of the trip.

3. The Alexander Island

Farm Holidays in Victoria - Best Places You Should Visit

This is another incredible adventure tour you should consider. It takes about four days to explore this unique country retreat and adventurous island paradise.

This tour includes everything you need to survive in this exotic location. You can enjoy water activities, island hopping, and mountain biking through this island paradise.

There are also many activities that you can participate in aside from hiking and snorkelling. Kayaking on the islands, swimming, surfing, and diving with sea turtles are other activities you can explore.

Final Word

A trip to the Australian Outback does not have to be about boring activities. You can enjoy other ecotourism experiences in Victoria. Take advantage of these many different activities to make your trip enjoyable and memorable.


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