Fashion Alert – Watch out for Mirrored Sunglasses

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Fashion Alert – Watch out for Mirrored Sunglasses

The eye-candy, a strong fashion statement that’s sure an attention-grabber is the popping shaded mirrored sunglasses. It has been declared as one of the biggest sunglasses trend that’s ideal to brighten up your look on a bright sunny day. Available in every imaginable color, style, shape, and price, mirrored sunglasses is no exception a popular eyewear trend among both men and women.

The mirrored sunglasses were initially called reflective sunglasses or cop shades. If you think this is an ultra-modern style that just emerged then you are wrong, it’s a reinvented fashion feature that was a cultural sensation many decades ago. The all-new mirrored sunnies come with a dash of 80s and 90s essence.

Let’s know more about this sunglasses style

What are mirrored sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses appear as small mirrors made up of reflective coating on the lenses that reduce the amount of light entering into your eyes. It’s 100% UV protective. The color element adds a spark to your look. Apart from its functionality, it has the power to completely transform your look.

What makes mirrored sunglasses, so attention-grabbing?

If clear frame glasses are for a subtle, sophisticated look then mirrored sunnies are for a bright, quirky look. Pick a color palette that suits your personality and get yourself spotted from miles away. Pink, green, grey, blue, brown, red mirrored sunglasses are available in a wide range of shades. You can pick a tint that you want to highlight from your attire and stand out from the crowd. For maximum impact, go with the classy aviator or winged shape frames. Cat-eye and oversized mirrored sunglasses will surely get the head turned. If you want to flaunt a futuristic look, go for the flat-top reflective sunglasses.

It’s high on fashion as well as vision protection

Without a doubt, mirrored sunglasses have taken fashion by storm. However, along with style, it can have a great impact on your vision too. A good quality statement pair of colored tinted sunglasses can be great protection against the dangerous UV rays. The wrap-around style of mirrored sunglasses is a good choice for sports enthusiasts. Amber-colored sunglasses helps in enhancing the object definition that makes it a favourable choice for skiers, athletes, and pilots. Green, red, brown, and grey shades help in reducing color distortion. Anti-reflective coating sunglasses also eliminate the reflection of the sun falling on snow or water. Overall these glasses are great for traveling and enjoying outdoor activities in style.

Popular styles in mirrored sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses are a trend and blue tint is all rage. It looks cool as the ocean and is suitable for a beach day look. These colored sunglasses also keep the vision proper in bright conditions. Silver and gold mirrored shades reflect class and opulence. The round was the first frame shape with mirrored lenses and still is popular. When it comes to sunglasses, aviators are timeless, mirrored ones look super cool. Mirrored sunglasses appear to be stunning in every shape and color, so make your choice without worry.

Choose your style and get noticed!

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