Fashion Rules of Mother-Daughter Dressing

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Fashion Rules of Mother-Daughter Dressing

Wherever you look (at least on social media), you’re bound to have noticed adorable pictures of mothers and daughters dressed in the same stylish outfits: one adult sized for Mom, one little version for the daughter. It’s charming, it’s trendy, but in the wrong hands, it can be an epic fashion fail. It’s amazing how quickly cute can turn to cringe-worthy.

If you want to embrace this style trend but want to keep you and your daughter firmly in the ‘cute’ category, read on. Here are a few simple fashion rules to help you nail this style craze.

1. Bridge the Gap

One of the biggest challenges this transgenerational fashion trend is the age gap: you don’t want to dress the mother like a child, or the child like an adult. Both look odd, and in some cases, wildly inappropriate.  Odd: a mother in a frilly Shirley Temple style dress. Inappropriate: A child in a strapless, backless mini dress.

Instead, tread the middle ground, choosing simple and classic styles that bridge the gap. Fun jumpsuits or rompers are wonderful. As are a pair of skinny jeans, ballet flats, a cute tank and an infinity scarf. Add a super cute panama hat to complete the look. The point is, much like a successful mother-daughter relationship, mastering the mother-daughter dressing trend rests in finding the middle ground.

2. Add Personality Pops

While a mother and daughter may want to dress alike, they are not the same person and chances are, have different (or very different) personalities. Let these differences shine through by incorporating little pops of each individual’s personality in the styling. Maybe the daughter wears a big bow in her hair and the mother tucks her tresses up in a neat, chic ballet bun. Or maybe the daughter wears her favourite high-top sneakers while the mother sports her prized Jimmy Choos. Adding and celebrating these subtle stylistic differences will create a truly exceptional look.

3. Shop Together

Style is really all about confidence. If you don’t love what you wear, it’s going to show more than any designer couture. If you’re looking for an outfit for you and your daughter, shop with your daughter. Same goes if you’re shopping to twin with your Ma. Shopping is half the fun. s let it be an experience that brings you closer together and when you do rock your matching outfits, you’ll both look as good as you feel.


You’ve got the rules, now go and get the perfect mother-daughter outfit! Be sure to capture this ‘Insta worthy style and get ready for tons of loves, likes and oohs and ahhs of admiration for you and your best girl!


Eva is a freelance writer and a fashion enthusiast. She’s a writer for over 5 years.

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