Fashion Scented Jeans that look and smell great

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Fashion Scented Jeans that look and smell great 

Fashion Scented Jeans that look and smell great. These jeans will make sure you look and smell great all day long. A Portuguese company, Salsa, has created scented denim jeans, so you can stay fresh no matter where you go –  a stroke of genius.

These amazing jeans come in an assortment of washed out neon shades. Five colours and what’s most amazing is that they don’t share the same scent, but their scent or fragrance corresponds to their coloured fruit.

The colours are; blue for blueblerry, yellow for lemon, pink for strawberry, green for apple and orange for orange.

Wondering how long the scent will last for? They are scented for up to 20 washes and when they smell so fresh why would you want to wash your pair in a hurry?

Even if you were to wash your scented jeans at least once a week, your jeans can stay scented for up to 20 weeks, which is a little over half a year.

These jeans are also very affordable at 55 euros a pair. How are you going to land a pair of these jeans? You can go online to Salsa Store and buy them there.


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