Feeling Down? 6 Pick Me Up Mood Booster

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Feeling Down? 6 Pick Me Up Mood Booster

Part of being a human being is to understand that there are times we feel happy and other times we just feel sad. Something out of nowhere just hits us and we go from being happy to melancholic. You go from happy to feeling down, and wish you could think of pick me up mood boosters.

Maybe it’s the song that was playing in the radio, a sad thought, or the movie you were watching that swang you from feelings of euphoria to feelings of desolation.

We are emotive beings who are affected by everything in our environment, positively or negatively.

Life will inevitably bring setbacks some more serious than others, but do not take too long to decide to exit that haul of sadness.

If anything can be done to bring you out of that slump of gloom as quick as possible, it’s worth a try.

Feeling down? The next 6 pick me up mood boosters or shifters might be handy to cure the doldrums without costing you money or time. We all have time constrains and responsibilities that can’t afford us lengthy therapy to bounce back up.

1. Listen to some jokes

Laughing relaxes your muscles and relieves stress, improves mood and lowers stress hormones.

Whether you are feeling stressed or sad or just a bit moody, search YouTube for some funny videos or Google your favourite stand up comedian.

Laughing will shift your focus and turn your mood around or at the very least give you time off to just recharge and confront whatever it is in your life that is creating that cloud of doom.

2. Go for a walk or a jog

Walking gives you that chance to be alone and go over things in your head with no interruptions. Sometimes going for a walk when you are angry or sad will burn off the frustration or the anger.

Apart from bringing the steam down, walking is also a great way of exercising.

3. Sing out aloud

Don’t think you have a great voice? Then sing in the shower. There is a reason why so many movies include the singing shower scene. It’s therapeutic and it does make you feel instantly renewed. It’s part screaming and part taking in deep breath therapy. You’ll express you anger through the screaming and soothe your mood with each and every deep breath. As you rinse off the dirty soap you also let go of all the stress, anger or melancholy.

4. Do some stretch with deep breathing

Simple stretching exercises are very useful in helping bring stress down. As you stretch you’ll find that you soon start yawning, again bringing the much-needed air into your body to help it relax. Deep breaths are great to lower blood pressure, calm your mind and release endorphins.

Want a better and healthy heart? Take a deep breath at work, when commuting or whenever you are feeling stressed. Taking deep breaths as shown in the infographic below by Alsco First Aid, will reduce your breaths to 10 per minute, do this for 15 minutes a day  and it can help lower your blood pressure.  However, if the situation arises it might be wise to have a defibrillator at work.

This poster is available for download and print.

5. Have a bath

A nice hot bath is probably man’s best invention, because it relieves both muscular and mental stress.

6. Cuddle your pet

Probably everybody’s favourite. Pets have that wonderful effect of taking your mind off things. With all their cuteness, to just adorably dissipate your anger, stress and to cure the doldrums. Pets have been known to reduce anxiety and stress, fight off loneliness and depression and generally keeping you in better shape. Get a dog.


These are just a few quick and easy mood boosters that will bring a ray of sunshine back in your life. So the next time life is getting you down, choose to take action by using these simple techniques to bring you back to a happier place.


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