Film in the Digital Age

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Film in the Digital Age.

Nothing can keep an actor from completing a project in the digital age, not even tragedy, aging or even death. Incredible what the modern age can do with its ever-evolving technology.

Digital technology can now re-create with special effects. Whether it’s body doubles, face masks, mapping faces and digitally recreating them, creative editing or a combination of them all. Film in the digital age has now many more possibilities.

Actors don’t even have to show up because they were pantomimed, recycled or pixeled in instead.

Audrey Hepburn is such an example. Gap wanted to advertise their skinny black pants and they thought the best-suited person to bring in sales would be Audrey Hepburn so they brought her back through the help of a visual effect studio. Who better than Audrey Hepburn represent and exude timelessness of style, a cleaver advertising strategy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is another incredible example of the power of the digital age. The Terminator and its many sequels is a movie we all love to watch and without younger Arnie being digitally enhanced continuing this sequel would be impossible.

Enjoy countdown picks for the top 10 actors that were recreated with special effects. After you finish watching this you’ll be surprised how good digital technology has become because you never noticed the difference.

Definitely need to reiterate the words in this video digital age is ‘movie magic at its most impressive’


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