Find A Play Date for Your Dog In Australia

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Find A Play Date for Your Dog In Australia

Thinking about how to socialise your dog with other dogs can be difficult. Meeting up with other dogs as you go for walks can be tricky because you don’t always know when other dogs will be around or how well your dogs will get along if they do meet up. Socialisation is much easier when you can plan it in advance. 

This means that you can plan to meet up at a mutually convenient time and that you can also discuss your dogs likes and dislikes in advance. Discussing your dog’s needs before you meet up helps to make socialisation run more smoothly. A pet social app could be the solution to your socialisation worries.

Why is socialisation so important for your dogs?

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Dog socialisation is all about giving your pet the chance to learn how to be a dog. In an age when dogs have become part of the family, we often fall into a trap of humanising them too much. 

This can often lead to troubles when they do meet up with other dogs because they are unsure of how they should behave. When we allow them to spend time with other dogs they get the chance to learn how to behave around other dogs. 

They get to try out different behaviours and to find out what the boundaries are and how they should interact with other dogs. Ensuring that your dog learns these skills in a controlled way will help make the walks much easier when it comes to meeting up with other dogs. Plus, it also gives your dog the chance to have fun with a friend and just be a dog, your pet will be eternally grateful.

How can a pet social app help?

A dog application like PatchPets can help you meet like-minded dog owners who are looking to help their pets with their socialisation skills too. You can find out about all of the dogs that are around in your location and chat to their owners before arranging a meet up to see if your furry friends will hit it off too. 

Simply create a profile for your won dog and use it to interact with other dogs owners in your local area. This gives you the perfect chance to arrange a social time for your dogs in a controlled way. Your dog gets what they need, in that they get to play with other dogs and you can get what you need in that you can ensure the interaction is positive from the start.

Are there any other features?

Yes, PatchPets is just great for helping you find out about everything dog related that is happening in your local community. Once you have set up your profile, you can find out about dog parks and good walks in your local area or even about dog-related businesses. 

Whether you need to find a groomer to sort out your pooches coat or find a cafe that isn’t squeamish about inviting dogs inside, you will be able to find recommendations on the app.

You can join group and network with other dog walkers in your area, this can certainly make walking your dog much more fun as you bump into people that you recognise from the app. 

There is even a feature that allows you to see who is at the dog park in real-time. This can be handy for helping you decide on the right time to take your dog out for walkies.

PatchPets is a great tool to help you meet the socialisation needs of your dog. It also helps make dog ownership much more fun as well as making exercising your pet much more of a social experience for you too

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