First Official Trailer For Captain America Civil War.

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 First Official Trailer For Captain America Civil War.

Drop everything you’re doing! Watch this awesome first official trailer for Captain America: Civil War.

Walt Disney and Marvel dropped their much talked about Captain America: Civil War during Jimmy Kimmel Live late-night show.

This first trailer is outstanding; it looks exciting and also establishes a few important items. It has a huge cast, heroes fighting heroes; it has Iron Man fighting both Captain American and Winter Soldier.

The trailer starts with Captain America asking Winter Soldier if he remembers who he is.

Good news – is he does remember Captain America’s mother and his newspaper shoes.

Bad news – is that everybody is still upset about the things Winter Soldier did and they are coming for him.

Captain America wants to help his long lost friend despite all his past wrongs. However, Iron Man doesn’t see things the same way which culminates into a phenomenal fight between Captain America, Bucky and Iron Man and it just looks great.

Captain America: Civil War was directed by the Russo brothers, it stars basically everyone who was ever in a Marvel movie save Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo.

Captain America: Civil War date of release is in May 2016. Prepare for six more months of teasing, and trailers before then.


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