Five Qualities to Expect from Your Personal Trainer

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Five Qualities to Expect from Your Personal Trainer

It is very easy to feel vulnerable inside a gym, especially when you are new and it is your first time navigating through a professional gym. The gruelling intense atmosphere of the workout space can be motivating for some and intimidating for others however, a good trainer can make all the difference. Your personal trainer is your partner in your fitness journey.

Here are some of the top qualities you can expect from your trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals. Five qualities to expect from your personal trainer.


There is a definite reason why this is the major benefit of trainers. Think about it, you have been told and you know that your fitness goals cannot be achieved overnight, your trainer should match your pace. It is not just about the slow and steady winning the race.

It will take time for you to build a good relationship with your trainer. One that will prove to be useful in the progress of your fitness. You may not know this in the beginning, but a good fitness trainer understands that you will have many questions for them and that they should not take any of that against you.

Patience also means that the trainer must not get disappointed when they don’t see the results they see in others. They should know, what works for someone else may not work for you. When you are beginning, a good trainer will assess your body and take into consideration your needs and restrictions.


A trainer must be a great communicator, this is vital for the technical bits to work out. Your trainer’s instructions must be coherent and clear so you can work out even when the trainer is not around. When a trainer cannot be present inside the gym he should be able to teach routines on the phone.

A good trainer will resist the temptation to lecture you. You should never have a boring class when they teach you this way you can retain the information. The trainer must encourage you to speak so that instead of becoming a one-way street you both are engaging. Moreover, the trainer must take your feedback and make you feel comfortable as both of you work towards the same objective.


A good trainer will assign you homework. They know that you don’t live in the gym and that your life cannot possibly always revolve around it especially if you are fairly new to working out. The trainer will help you find ways to incorporate your new healthy lifestyle in an already hectic one. When they get the struggle, they will be willing to help you out with the advice that works. They will give you tips and tricks you did not know about. A good trainer will talk about diet and meal plans on your first day. If you have never done a meal plan before your trainer should be more than happy to walk you through the process of it. Your trainer will also follow up on what they advised you to do because everything that they tell you to do is so that both of you are aligned on achieving the same goal.


Most fitness and personal training are about solving problems. As you go on you will hit obstacles and struggles, each has his own. A good trainer foresees these, and if not then ensures that these obstacles are not derailing your progress. If a trainer is analytical he will have the answer to why you feel like you have hit a wall, or why the pin on the scale refuses to move anymore. You want someone who is holistic in his analytical approach so that the training you are receiving is a sort of tailor-made just for you.


Everyone who walks into the gym comes with some sort of emotional baggage. Walking into the gym is perhaps the most difficult but also the most important first step of getting fit. A good trainer will understand this. They will know whether you are suffering from low self-esteem or struggling to believe that you can actually make a difference. So when a trainer approaches you in encouragement during a workout, they make sure they take all this into account.

A good trainer walks the walk. A trainer who tells you that they know what they are doing but it doesn’t show it through his actions is not good, even if they have been referred to you by someone. So do not hesitate to be picky when you are in the midst of choosing a personal trainer. It is important that with patience the trainers exhibit what they offer along with complete transparency so that you do not begin your journey under pretences or any miracle change that will transform your shape in a month.

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