Flooring Tips to Make a Small Room Feel Larger

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Flooring Tips to Make a Small Room Feel Larger

It seems every home has one room that is just a bit too small. Though these rooms can still be functional they can feel a bit claustrophobic. Using your flooring to help the space feel larger can make a huge difference in how a room feels. With a few tricks, a small space can easily be transformed into a comfortable room; that not only is useable but a space you will enjoy spending time in.

Transforming a room to maximize its size, look, and appeal is not far unique from selecting the patterns,  styles, and colours of clothing that make you look stylish. Most people strive to slenderize rather than enlarge their appearance when selecting clothing. But when it comes to living space, many of us want it to look larger than it is already built.

Lucky for you, flooring may be one of your good allies in the battle to assist a small room look comfortable but ample. In fact, the correct type of floor or floor colours can make a room larger, at least from a visual perspective.

Picking Flooring that is Sized Right for the Room

“To make a room seem larger than it is picked a wood-look flooring that is wider. When you use narrow more detailed flooring it makes a small room looks busy and the bus feels small. Also, wider flooring will have fewer seams that tend to break a small room up into even smaller spaces. Small narrow flooring also plays on your perception of space and if you have small flooring in a small space it only reinforces your perception that space is small,” said a spokesperson for a wood floor company.

The same concept is true for tile. If you use tiny tiles it will make the space look tiny. Choose tile that is 12-16 inches to help make the space look bigger. You will also want to avoid using any checker patterns or other patterns; when you use tiles in several different colours or with definitive patterns. These patterns and colour schemes can make a small room feel cluttered and busy. Which will break up the room in a way that accentuates how small the room is. If you are using a vinyl flooring product make sure you chose simple clean lines in a large pattern.

How You Install Your Tile can make a Big Impact on a Small Room

Set your flooring on a diagonal. Evaluate the room to figure out which diagonal will give you the longest lines in the room; and set your tile or wood-look flooring at that diagonal. The long lines created when you set your tile on a diagonal; will trick both your eyes and your brain into thinking the room is bigger. If you are using vinyl; again you want to measure and cut it so that any lines or patterns are on a diagonal. You may end up with a couple of extra seams, but if you do your floor right; the seams will disappear and you will get the effect you desire in the room. Be aware you will need to add about 20% to your flooring calculation when you set it on the diagonal.

If you can’t set on the diagonal and you are using wood-look flooring; set your flooring parallel to the longest wall of the room. This will also accentuate the longer lines in the room to help it feel bigger. You may choose from various types of flooring materials such as timber, laminate, hardwood floors, vinyl,  bamboo, cork, tile, carpet, marble, composite deck, and more

Keep your Flooring Uniform

Even if you don’t have an open floor plan; changing flooring for different rooms actually makes all of the spaces feel smaller. Using the same flooring helps the spaces flow into one another and that will make the smaller spaces feel larger. If you do need to use more than one kind of flooring; try to use the same flooring in your small spaces as the space in space that joins to it.

If you are looking to create a room or your entire home look larger, try these flooring tips and tricks! You may also find experts in your local area that can guide you in this. Schedule your free in-home consultation when you are at home and explore all of your different flooring options.

Let us know if you have any idea to make a room bigger using flooring tricks. Feel free to share your views.

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