Fluke paper airplane throw

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Fluke paper airplane throw. 

A London soccer fan in a fluke paper airplane throw strikes Peru player, Hansell Riojas, in the face during England’s 3-0 win to Peru from the top of the stands.

This amazing paper airplane managed to fly from the upper deck of Wembley Stadium to the soccer field with a surprising accuracy and hit one of the players.  As Riojas turned around, he was struck in the face by the paper airplane and everyone in the stadium cheered wildly.

What made this ridiculously funny and freakish is this was not the only paper airplane flying around.  Apparently, everyone in the stadium was throwing paper airplanes through the entire game but only this one managed to hit a player. Spectators claim that this was possibly the most exciting part of the game even though England had already scored 3 goals at that point. 

Watch the incident bellow:


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