Fly me to the moon: honeymoon planning tips

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Fly me to the moon: honeymoon planning tips

A wedding day is a day you and your significant other start the rest of your life together. The first mutual step in that life is your honeymoon. It is a time when you and your loved one enjoy your time together without any worries in the world, you will get to spend so much time alone with your significant other doing things you both love, you will get to explore wonderful destinations together, you will get to enjoy new activities, new food and all that with the one you love by your side.  

1.Planning ahead

If you wonder when is the right time to start planning your honeymoon, the answer is – right away with your wedding plans. Be sure to make plans together, as this is the trip that must be enjoyed by both of you. First concentrate on your destination. It is very important to consider both your wishes. You have enough time to decide on a destination that will satisfy both of you. Don’t opt just for one destination; keep two or three options opened. Once you do that, make sure you decide on a budget. A budget is very important, as it will be the frame for your honeymoon. Now you can decide on your final destination. And you can start there.

Fly me to the moon: honeymoon planning tips

2. Asking around

It is always smart to ask as many questions to as many people as you can. The Internet is a great resource but try and find people that have visited a destination you are interested in. There are a lot of things that you can find only from someone that was already there. Explore social networks and ask people. They will be more than happy to tell you about their experiences and you will find out a lot. Ask the travel agencies as well and consider hiring a honeymoon planner. This will take an enormous load off your shoulders and you will still be involved in planning your honeymoon.

3. Find about things you need

It is very important to know what you need for your trip. Do you need Visas? Is your passport valid? Do you need vaccines? Where to exchange money? How long will the trip take? These are very important questions and you would want to have answers before the trip. It will take time to deal with these things and you will surely want them out of the way as early in your planning as it is possible. This is where a travel agency or honeymoon planner can prove to be the handiest, as they know all about these things.

Fly me to the moon: honeymoon planning tips

4. How to get there

When you are planning your honeymoon you should consider the way of travelling. If you have chosen some distant destination then you need to travel by plane. If so, you would want to book your plane seats well in advance. This may not seem very important, but booking your plane seats on time may prove to be the best thing you do. If you are planning on going to some popular destination, chances are that you are not the only one planning that. Don’t be the one that missed out on the tickets. If you miss out you could possibly hire  – private jets. If you decide on this option, you will have a luxurious trip without any stress of commercial flights. These kinds of travelling also allow you to take more language than a commercial flight, so think about that as well.

5. Ask about your options

Many resorts and hotels have special discounts for honeymooners. Make sure you find out about them and use them. Things like massages, breakfast in bed, romantic dinners for two, some offer water sports or city tours as well. Find out about them and use them since you are entitled to them. In some destinations, you will get discounts in restaurants or shops, so be sure to mention you are on your honeymoon.

Fly me to the moon: honeymoon planning tips

6. Making memories

Take pictures whenever you can. These photos will be covering your walls back at home and will be a great reminder of the great times you two spent together. Use your camera and your phone to make a record of emotions, good weather, interesting situations, wonderful scenery – all this will come back to you when you look at those photos. You can show them to your friends and they will be great to start a conversation about how you spent your honeymoon.

Planning your honeymoon should be fun and stress-free. This is your first holiday as a husband and wife and it should be all about love, fun, emotions, spending time together doing what you both like. That is why planning so much ahead is important, as it will provide you with all of this.


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