Fold Your Suit Jacket Crease-Free.

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Fold Your Suit Jacket Crease-Free.

Say goodbye to creases and wrinkles with this simple traveling trick. Learn to fold your suit jacket crease-free and avoiding it coming out like wrinkled tissue paper at your destination.

There is a way to fold your suit jacket and stuff it in a suitcase without it getting wrinkled. All it takes is a little know-how.

First, you gently work one shoulder inside-out, then tuck the other shoulder into it, seam against the seam. The sleeves lie straight down the jacket, one on top of the other, and the breast panels (with their linings turned outward) sandwich the whole thing. Then you fold it in half from the bottom and pack it away.

When folding your suit jacket minimize the number of folds needed, and try to keep them along the seams. The less you have to fold across a flat plane of the fabric, the better.

Watch Philip Pravda’s video below on how to fold a suit jacket:


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