Foods for Glowing Skin that Makes You Look Younger

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Foods for Glowing Skin that Makes You Look Younger

The health of your skin depends on your lifestyle. Instead of concentrating on what’s best for us, we often forget the top 2 ingredients for a healthier and happier life: sleep and nutrition. There’s a close link between beauty and sleep. A good night’s sleep allows your body to recover from stress and fatigue. During sleep, the metabolic levels raise to fix the damage that builds up during the day.

Our body uses foods to grow, repair and develop its tissues and cells. Healthy foods provide the needed energy. Whereas, unhealthy food or lack of food makes the cells starve and prevents them from functioning at their best.

Here are some of the best foods to keep you and your skin glowing.

Nuts: Nuts offer wonderful health benefits. Almonds are rich in vitamin E and are the best antioxidant against sun damage.  Pistachios contain an anti-inflammatory substance that strengthens the skin. Snacking on nuts is definitely a healthy habit.

Chia Seeds: Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. They help to fade blemishes, soften wrinkles and hydrate the skin.

Tomatoes and Watermelons: Rich in lycopene, which is one of the free radicals-fighting antioxidants.

Carotenoids and Citrus: Citrus fruits are a good source of vitamin C. When combined with carotenoids, collagen is produced which controls the strength, flexibility and softness of our skin. Fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids give a natural glow to the skin.

Peppers: Contain a high amount of vitamin C, antioxidants and capsaicin. Capsaicin helps to increase the release of toxins.

Folate: Helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Spinach, kale, broccoli, asparagus, and carrots are highest in vitamin A, K and iron. Iron helps to increase the haemoglobin content in the blood. Vitamin A prevents clogged pores and skin cancer.

Oils: Olive, safflower and coconut oil are great for skin both internally and externally. Oils protect us from the sun and are amazing skin softeners and anti-bacterial agents.

Sunflower Seeds: Rich in selenium and Vitamin E. The former helps in skin smoothening and fixing.

Sesame Seeds: The Zinc content in it reduces the oily sebum that causes clogged pores.

Apples: Apple peels have been found to fight against sun damage.

Protein: Much needed to safeguard the elasticity of your skin.

Herbs: Herbs are rich in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory. Fennel, cumin, parsley, coriander, all give that beautiful glow on the skin, hair, nails and eyes.

In addition to all that’s been mentioned above, you can eat dark chocolate, avocado, radish, strawberry, turnip, whole grains, garlic, nutmeg, cucumbers, parsnip, squash, mushroom, kiwi, chickpeas, asparagus, watercress, black currant, coconut milk, mackerel, quinoa, cabbage and pomegranate.

The way you cook: All nutrients and antioxidants should be retained, regardless of which cooking method we choose. Steam cooking is the ideal way to do that. It helps our body absorb all nutrients and keep us look and feel young.


There’s a lot more to consider other than what we eat. Smoking, consuming refined sugar, caffeine and prolonged exposure to the sun without protection, all damage the skin in countless ways.

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