Four Best Sustainable Fashion Brands in Australia

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Four Best Sustainable Fashion Brands in Australia

As consumers are becoming more educated about the clothes they wear and the impact their choices have on the environment. A large number of brands are stepping up their game and turning to sustainability in fashion. This is the case with many Australian brands, too. S, check them out and learn more about the four best sustainable fashion brands in Australia. Enjoy!

1. Country Road – ethical, sustainable, and versatile fashion

Many experts claim that the future is ethical fashion, and you know what? An Australian brand called Country Road is here to confirm this claim. As it’s on a journey to become a leader in sustainability, not only in the Land Down Under but worldwide. Even though the brand is based in Melbourne, the majority of their apparel and accessories are actually sourced offshore. Which means that the ethical and social implications of manufacturing in those countries are taken very seriously. Promoting animal welfare and safe working conditions is this company’s ultimate goal, among many other things. Which is why you should take it into consideration if you’re looking for a sustainable brand that advocates versatile fashion.

Four Best Sustainable Fashion Brands in Australia

2. Mastani – luxurious yet sustainable handmade garments

Mastani is another sustainable brand inspired by the evolution of modern women to a position of power. Which is why we can freely say that this brand is characterised by beauty and strength. The company’s ideology is a fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary fashion influences. It prides itself on luxurious handmade garments which empower women and allow them to express the modern female identity. So, if you want to check out luxury fashion in Melbourne, Mastani should definitely be your first choice. It focuses on sustainability and utilising textile waste. In the sense that no scraps are thrown away. Instead, these are stored and either upcycled or used later on.

Four Best Sustainable Fashion Brands in Australia

3. Mighty Good Undies – super-soft toxic-free underwear

As the brand’s name clearly states, it’s all about men’s and women’s underwear. But not the conventional kinds of undies, of course. This company believes that everyone deserves to live in a healthy and sustainable environment. This is why they decided to design super-soft yet toxic-free underwear made from certified, organically grown Fairtrade cotton. Their products are sewn by adults who are paid a decent wage and then sold at price consumers can afford. An amazing way for them to prove that ethical businesses can treat people with respect, deliver quality at an affordable price, and manage the eco-impact on the process of production. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so!

Four Best Sustainable Fashion Brands in Australia

4. Outland Denim – premium denim jeans

Last but certainly not least, Outland Denim is a brand that sources the finest raw materials from around the globe. While offering sustainable training and employment opportunities, especially for women who have experienced exploitation. This brand crafts premium denim jeans and is known for supporting its staff wholeheartedly. Essential for improving the quality of life, not only of their staff but also their families and entire communities. This company is also known for employing industry-leading energy and water-reducing technology. As well as for partnership with various governments and universities around the world. That’s a good enough reason to support them in their mission to make the world a better place.

Sustainable brands are on the rise these days in Australia, which is great for the fashion industry in general. So, if you want to help reduce the risk of exploitation, promote animal welfare, and protect our planet. Make sure to give these brands a fair shot and you’ll be one step closer to accomplishing your goal!

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