Four Most Preferred Gym Insurance Providers to Cover Unforeseen Liability

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Four Most Preferred Gym Insurance Providers to Cover Unforeseen Liability

One teeny folly can put one’s career in great danger; at least for a fairly long period. This applies to everybody, but the most affected are personal trainers. Let’s look at the four options for your sports and fitness insurance. Four most preferred gym insurance providers to cover unforeseen liability.

About personal trainer insurance

Approximately 459,978 people are injured while using exercise equipment in the gym every year. In a recent case in New York, a 28-year-old woman was injured during a personal training session at the gym. The accident was caused by the negligence of the personal trainer; which lead to surgery. Therefore, she filed a claim against the gym trainer for a whopping $2.25 million.

This incident, including many others, shows how important it is to get Personal trainer insurance liability coverage that protects the gym from any financial lawsuit filed by the client.

The two types of personal trainer insurance

1. Professional liability insurance

The insurance protects against any claims filed for the injuries sustained by the client due to direct negligence of the trainer. Therefore, it’s advisable to talk to a reputable insurance agent that can help you cover this type of liability.

2. General Liability insurance:

This coverage protects the trainer from any general financial burden of an accident or lawsuit. The general liability covers the cost of treating the injury suffered by the client.

Here we bring the four insurance companies that can offer you personal trainers’ liability insurance.

1.  NEXT Personal Trainer Insurance

The name might strike some bells because you might have been certified by NASM. You can add in unlimited “additional insureds.” They have three insurance plans which protect the gym body against sexual misconduct, harmful dietary advice, injury claims, or unhappy clients.

The Basic Plan starts from 132 dollars a year, covering a $500,000 limit ending with Pro Plus Plan, with 192 dollars a month, covering a $2,000,000 limit.

2. Gym Insurance HQ

According to your plan, the fitness professional provides Professional Liability Insurance that will provide you with $5 – $20 million worth of indemnity protection. In addition, the policy covers almost all add-on itineraries that cost you extra if you go for cheaper insurance. Gym Insurance HQ starts at around $400p.a.

3. InterWest Liability Insurance

ACE is another organization that might have certified you as a personal trainer. Again, liability insurance protects you irrespective of the place where you are training. You will also receive an insurance identification card that can enhance your credibility.

You can choose a 1-year policy, starting from $172 per year, with an indemnity of $3,000,000 annually, or a 2-year policy for $294 for two years. Visit the site to know more.

4.  Sadler Sports & Recreation Insurance

The insurance is designed for U.S.-based trainers, including aerobics, cardio, aquatic exercise, pilates, spinning, yoga, ZUMBA®, acrobatics, boot camps, and more, which means everything. You get to choose from six different options.

The first option, which is the lowest coverage, starts from $160 for a one-year plan or $288 for two years.

The sixth or the last option is the highest coverage, which provides the highest coverage in all cases, where a one-year premium goes to $1,019. Visit the site to know more.

If you are starting up your new gym insurance business or are dissatisfied with your fitness gym insurance, you must know about the schemes of these top insurance providers and choose your plan wisely!

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