FUBi fixie – Ultimate Urban Bike

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FUBi fixie – Ultimate Urban Bike

Finally a full-size folding bike, all thanks to the Finnish. FUBi-fixie is the ultimate urban bike.

It folds and unfolds in less than 10 seconds, and it locks more securely than other bikes. No more missing one of the tires when you come back to your bike after you thought you left it securely locked.

It’s fully customised using standard parts, high performance, and lightweight. FUBifixie bikes, fold to fit into small places like the boot of your car.

This cool bike makes it possible for many urban bike riders to own a bike without worrying about where to store it, as it can be folded into a small space in their apartment.

This cool, lightweight and high performance bike can be yours for $800 in all or for $400 the frame only.

Many people have prejudice against this type of bicycle because they think it is more expensive, bulkier and can’t compete with regular full-sized bikes. FUBi fixie does away with all of these fears, meet the ultimate urban bike. Trust us once you’re done watching this video, you want one:


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