Game of Thrones-Inspired Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

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Game of Thrones-Inspired Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

Brace yourselves… Halloween is coming! This year we’ve said goodbye to one of the most popular shows on the planet, so for any passionate Game of Thrones fan, it makes sense to revive their favourite character for the spookiest of eves! Let’s face it – while watching the show, we’ve all wanted to dress up as these epic fantasy characters, and this October 31st is the perfect time to do so. Whether you choose to channel your inner Daenerys or Missandei, join forces with a friend and dress up as children of the forest or dress your toddler as Tyrion Lannister, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the best DIY Game of Thrones costumes you can rock this Halloween!

Mother of Dragons

It’s hard not to notice all the stunning dresses that graced dragon queen’s body throughout the seasons, and this year’s Halloween is a great opportunity to replicate some of the breathtaking looks she served on the show. The outfits she wore in the first two seasons are probably the easiest ones to copy as they consisted of simple skirts, tops, and dresses you can easily find in your closet and alter them into a quick DIY Halloween costume. Look for a strapless top and make it look old and distressed. As for the bottoms, go for a maxi skirt in earthy tones and put on slouchy boots for the ultimate Dothraki vibe. Of course, Khaleesi would be hard to imagine without her sleek, gorgeous platinum blonde hair, so try to get your hands on a long wig to nail her signature hairstyle.

Missandei of Naath

The handmaid of the queen herself, Missandei is a character that is the epitome of kindness and honesty, and her look perfectly captures her personality. Understated and rather simple, her outfits are very easy to replicate as they usually consist of garments you can find in the back of your closet. Long, breezy dresses in muted, earthy tones are perfect for channelling your inner Missandei, but a criss-cross crop top and a floor-length skirt will also do the trick. Get a faux leather belt to help cinch your waist and use collars and chokers to accentuate your collarbones. As for the hair, Bantu knots are great for getting your hair all curled up for the accurate Halloween representation of this popular GOT character.

Children of the forest

If you’re aiming for a more ambitious Halloween look but still want something DIY-able, dressing up as the children of the forest is as spooky as you can get this October 31st. To nail the look of these non-human, mysterious creatures, you’ll want to focus on painting your body and face, while the costume itself is easy to obtain. Simple grey shirt and leggings will serve as a base onto which you will attach fake vines using hot glue, so they hold onto your clothes all night. Now, the most interesting (and challenging) part is getting the makeup right, so check out some YouTube tutorials you can use as a reference for your makeup look. Complete the costume using spooky Halloween contact lenses to capture their mysterious vibe.

Tyrion Lannister – toddler version


If you’re attending a Halloween party with your little ones, why not make them a part of your GOT-inspired gang? Chances are you probably have some plastic swords lying around, so use them for their costume, and be sure to add some fake blood to replicate Tyrion’s scar. Dress them in a simple vest with a belt for a medieval-inspired look, use some light makeup to draw on a fake beard, and throw a couple of rings into the mix to get a perfect toddler Tyrion Lannister costume.

For almost nine years we’ve witnessed the rises and falls of the dynasties from the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and the series spread like a wildfire, ultimately claiming its status as a cultural phenomenon. What better way to wrap up this year than to celebrate it dressing up as your favourite character from the show? Get crafty and use some of our ideas to come up with the perfect costume to wear for Halloween 2019!


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