Garden Lighting Trends 2018 – 7 Ideas for Harmonious Garden Design

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Garden Lighting Trends 2018 – 7 Ideas for Harmonious Garden Design

Strategically placed and trendy outdoor lighting is the key element to having a beautiful and functional outdoor space. So, no matter if you’re boosting your deck lighting, lighting up your landscaping or creating a Zen outdoor space for relaxation, here are some of the best garden lighting trends for 2018.

Garden Lighting Trends 2018 – 7 Ideas for Harmonious Garden Design

Eco-friendly lighting

The eco-friendly trend has taken over almost every sphere of architecture and design, and outdoor lighting isn’t an exception. LEDs have become quite a popular choice for garden lighting for their luminosity and lifespan. They are often more expensive than traditional bulbs, but they are able to handle the elements, need less electricity and last for up to 25 years. Another green lighting option is solar lighting. We came a long way from ugly stick solar lights and now we have stylish and highly decorative lighting fixtures powered by the sun. These lights mean lower power bills and great benefits for the environment.

Industrial and minimalist lighting fixtures

Minimalist and industrial interior style has been going strong for years and it’s slowly taking over our gardens, too. So, if you love the clean design that has a strong aesthetic value and functionality, you’ll love this new outdoor lighting trend of sleek, metallic fixtures and industrial shapes and textures. These fixtures can make any space look sophisticated, edgy and luxurious. The look they create is futuristic but subtle and elegant enough to be considered truly timeless. Clean linear wall lighting and geometric pendants will be all the rage amongst minimalists of 2018.

Garden Lighting Trends 2018 – 7 Ideas for Harmonious Garden Design

Color filters

White lighting used to be the only option for garden lighting. But, today we have different colour filters that provide us with different lighting colours that can complement our garden planting, decoration and façade shades. These filters can be used on lights to boost warmth, create a cool effect or bring some colour to your yard. Whichever purpose you choose, colour filters will make your garden look dramatic and stylish.

Bollard lights of lighting up the way

Paths are super important parts of every garden and they deserve to be properly illuminated. One very popular trend in garden lighting, especially in Australia, is bollard lights. They have a dual purpose: to illuminate the path and direct the attention to the landscaping. This is a great benefit, especially if you want to show off your beautiful greenery. Bollard lights come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials and are perfect for every garden. However, since they highlight your landscaping, make sure to boost your greenery appeal, otherwise, they will just bring extra attention to your dead plants and patchy lawn. So, don’t hesitate to call experts in garden landscaping from North Shore who will ensure you’re proud of your landscaping instead of being ashamed to show it off.

Garden Lighting Trends 2018 – 7 Ideas for Harmonious Garden Design

Lighting for late night relaxation

If you want to turn your garden into an oasis of peace, relaxation and Feng Shui, make sure to introduce a fire element into your space. For instance, torches and fire pits have been a great hit these past few years. They offer soft and warm light that will let you relax, reflect and meditate in your outdoor space.

Pendants for outdoor rooms

Outdoor rooms are getting more and more popular and every year there are some new trends on how to properly light them. 2018 will be all about stylish hanging pendants that fit your outdoor room furniture and provide ample lighting for various activities, from cooking and dining to reading and catching up on your work.

String lights for a fairytale atmosphere

If you love a fairytale vibe of string lights, feel free to introduce them into your garden this year. This popular lighting option will be present everywhere from trees and bushes to fences, pergolas and hedges. For a relaxing and romantic atmosphere, choose warm white lights, but if you want to boost the party vibe, opt for coloured ones instead.

In 2018 there’s something for every garden and every taste. So, make sure to boost your outdoor lighting and improve the look of your entire home.

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