How to Get Your Backyard Ready for the Bachelor Party

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How to Get Your Backyard Ready for the Bachelor Party

Your best friend’s wedding is the most important event in his life, but it is also important for his best man. However, there is one event prior to the big day that will require all of your effort to organize – yes, it’s the legen… wait for it… dary, legendary bachelor party. Now, you can follow bachelor party clichés, such as strip clubs and trips to Vegas or Atlantic City, or you can do something unique like throwing a backyard party. The outdoor space gives you more opportunities to be creative and more space for all the guests. But before you start partying let us tell you how to prepare your backyard for such an awesome event.

Make some room

Backyards often tend to turn into outdoor sheds where you keep everything ranging from your bike to your lawn mower. The first thing you need to do in order to make your backyard bachelor party-friendly is to get rid of all the clutter and make a clean space to work with.


A feast for the king

Every good bachelor party begins with a feast, so what should be served on your best friend’s outdoor event? Finger foods and caviar? No. Barbecue is the ideal food to say farewell to the single life and have one last blast with your buddies. Bring out the barbecue, get some meat and don’t forget to put up a stand with salads, spices and sauces.

And now the booze

What’s a bachelor party without booze? Think of it like this: It’s a great opportunity to set up your own bar in your backyard. After all, is there a guy who never wanted to have a bar? You can use your imagination to build a bar out of pallets or even to just use an old bookshelf… the possibilities are endless. Make sure you have a small outdoor refrigerator to keep the beer and champagne cool. Also, this is the perfect time to open at least one bottle of expensive whiskey or some other drink your bro likes.

bachelor party bar

A place to sit

Don’t just assume all of the guests will be standing the entire evening and mingle with the crowd. Your usual outdoor furniture probably won’t be enough, you will need a couple of more benches. An outdoor bean bag chair is a pretty comfy alternative, and it is not very expensive, so you can buy a couple of them just in case. They are also fun and casual sitting options, so you can put them to good use later for movie nights and hangouts.

outdoor cinema

Think of a good entertainment

A bachelor party needs to be organized in accordance with the things the groom loves. As his best friend you must know what those things are, and you will be able to choose several entertaining options that can be adapted to the outdoor space. Some great ideas are poker table, outdoor cinema, basketball game on projector, video games (e.g. Mortal Kombat tournament), and, of course, some great music.

Be prepared for surprises

Even if the weather reports all say it is going to be a nice, sunny day and a pleasant evening, there is always a chance for surprise rain or strong wind. For these cases, you should be prepared to take the party indoors, so make some space in your living room and kitchen, just in case. Also, chances are someone will go too far with the booze and will need to sleep it off, so prepare a guest room as well.

These are all the tips you need in order to make a fantastic outdoor bachelor party, the rest is up to you!

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