Get The Right Face Cleanser For Your Skin Type – A Handy Guide

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Get The Right Face Cleanser For Your Skin Type – A Handy Guide

No matter what type of cleanser you use, you must always check the ingredients used to develop it. You don’t require washing your face with harsh chemicals. Avoid cleansers with Parabens and Sulfates, and when you’re not sure, select natural products to be on the safer side. Also, consider your skin’s sensitivity when choosing your cleanser.

Here is a handy guide that will uncover different cleansers available on the market for different skin types, and you can choose the one that best suits your skin and daily routine.  Get the right cleanser for your skin type –  a handy guide.

#1. Foam Cleansers

Generally, foam cleansers are water-based and contain ingredients, decyl glucoside, castile soap, coco betaine to make them foam up. Foam cleansers are ideal for people having very oily skin and teenage skin, as they will remove more oils from the skin, leaving the skin lighter and refreshed. Skincare experts recommend that people having dry skin should avoid using foam cleansers.

#2. Oils

Many people assume that they should not use an oil cleanser for oily skin types. Skin experts believe it’s about the quality of oil you are using. Dry oils have the same anti-bacterial properties as gel and cream cleansers and effectively clean your skin. Use good non-clogging oil to eliminate the impurities, dirt, and bad oil from your pores while moisturising simultaneously. Best of all, most oils cleanse skin without drying your face, making oil cleansers ideal for most skin types.

#3. Cleansing Balms

Cleansing balms are prepared using butter blended with wax or plant-based oils to get a thicker consistency – they are a close cousin to oil cleansers. Most of the cleansing balms you can apply to your face require little or no water for the cleansing process, and you can use a muslin cloth to remove them. The rich formula of cleansing balms is best if you have dry or very dry skin types. And when they are used with a cleansing cloth, they can help to exfoliate, tone, and enhance circulation to exhibit evident benefits. It will be helpful, especially during winter.

#4. Micellar Water

Micellar water has gained the recognition of a multi-use skincare champion and is a favourite of beauty freaks. A cleansing substance in Micellar water when blended, create oil and dirt-lifting structures referred to as micelles. Micellar water is known for its purifying quality, and you can use it to cleanse your skin tenderly, and it won’t cause any stress or irritation to your skin.

#5. Gel Cleansers

Gel cleansers are thick and will not run down your face. To get a deeper clean, apply and leave your gel cleanser for a minimum of five minutes before rinsing it away – it is ideal for those having acne-prone skin. Additionally, gel cleansers work effectively for those with combination skin types. If you feel that your gel cleanser is making your face completely dry, it may be too harsh for your skin, and you should look for a milder formulation.

#6. Cream Cleansers

Cream cleansers come thicker and are ideal for mature skin and for those who require constant moisturising with deep cleansing quality, especially to remove eye makeup and foundation. Experts recommend cream cleansers for sensitive and dry skin types. Make sure you check the ingredients before buying one and avoid buying a comedogenic product (i.e. tending to cause blackheads by blocking skin pores).

Tips to Clean Your Face

Make face cleansing a part of your daily routine and do it twice a day, in the morning and evening – it helps remove bacteria and impurities accumulated throughout our day and during sleep.

  • Splash tap water to your face (preferably normal or cold water and NOT hot water) so your face gets wet.
  • Apply your cleanser gently to a wettened face in circular motions to boost micro-circulation.
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