Get to Know NYC by Bike – Best Routes to Hit This Summer

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Get to Know NYC by Bike – Best Routes to Hit This Summer

New York is one of the busiest cities in the world, especially for those who are not used to the big city atmosphere; so the idea to explore it by bike might seem crazy to you. However, New York actually has a decent number of cyclists; so the authorities created great paths that are safe and practical for all riders. If you’re looking for a route or two to hit this summer, here are some that offer the best of NYC. Get to know NYC by bike – best routes to hit this summer.

Brooklyn Greenway

This is one of the newest bike paths in New York with its 5.5 miles. Brooklyn Greenway starts at the beginning of Atlantic Avenue and takes you on an easy ride through Brooklyn Bridge Park. This beautiful ride along the East River will take you next to the Brooklyn Bridge, through some local streets and all the way to the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. From there, you can take a safe bike lane to the new Domino Park or continue to East River Park where you can snap some amazing photos of Manhattan. Your final stop on the route is Transmitter Park where you can rest, relax and have a picnic with a view.

Governors Island

During the summer, Governors Island offers a bunch of art and culture events, so it’s a perfect spot to explore on your bike. It’s also car-free, so you can ride safely on the island’s 7 miles of paths. On your way, you will come across tree-lined trails, historic buildings, and most of all, amazing views of Lower Manhattan and NY Harbor. And getting to the island is easy since both the East River Ferry and the Governors Island Ferry except bikes. You can visit this iconic New York spot every day during the summer.

Central Park Loop

Central Park Look is probably the best ride you can find in the city. This 6-mile-long route makes an oblong circle through the largest park in Manhattan. The main roadway is closed to motor-vehicle so you’re completely safe to ride in peace. If you’re in a hurry, enter the park at Columbus Circle and you can make a counterclockwise loop of the park in less than an hour. But, if you have time, you can make many turns and stops to explore the park’s famous attractions like the Great Lawn, the Delacorte Theater and Belvedere Castle. And don’t worry about renting a bike if you don’t have your own. It’s easy to find bike rental in New York right in Central Park. Choose from regular bikes, electric bikes, kids bikes and even tandem bikes and have a great day at the park.

Hudson River Greenway

This is one of the longest (11 miles) yet very interesting paths in New York. Hudson River Greenway starts at the southern tip of Manhattan and takes you up the west side to the new World Trade Center along the Hudson River. During your ride, you’ll bike past the West Village, Chelsea and Hudson Yard complex. When you get tired, stop at the USS Intrepid that’s docked at 46th Street. After you take in the views of this colossus, continue by the river alongside the Upper West Side or take in the greenery of Riverside Park. As you go up north, Riverbank State Park is a good spot for a break. Your ride will end at a scenic Fort Washington Park and its Little Red Lighthouse, a perfect place for some more photos and soaking up the views.

Get to Know NYC by Bike - Best Routes to Hit This Summer

Harlem exploration

The largest neighbourhood in Manhattan, Harlem, is great for bike exploration since you can see everything from Hamilton Grange to the Harriet Tubman Memorial in a few hours. If you decide to take a guided tour, you will be taken through many interesting streets and learn all about the Harlem Renaissance as you cycle past the neighbourhood’s most famous residents. Make sure to pack your camera because after you climb Harlem’s steeper streets, you will get some great views of the neighbourhood and Central Park.

No matter if you feel comfortable on the set of your bike or if you just took upcycling, these New York City routes will ensure safety and comfort from the beginning to the end. Enjoy the warm weather and refreshing wind in your hair as you cycle past the city’s most famous landmarks.

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