Getting your prenatal body back…with a postnatal lifestyle

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Getting your prenatal body back…with a postnatal lifestyle

After they give birth to a child and get back to their new lifestyle, women wish to magically reduce baby weight. If only there was a way to do that, right? This does not have to be just wishful thinking, though. Getting your body back after pregnancy can be achieved with a postnatal lifestyle. These tips help you plan your own postnatal lifestyle and achieve the body you want.

Do not pressure yourself

Your body has experienced some major changes so it deserves some time to recuperate. For the past nine months, your body has been adjusting to a growing baby. It takes at least nine more months to completely adjust to life with a baby, weird sleeping schedule, breastfeeding. Your body also needs to heal and jumping into exercise too early might cause additional health problems. 

Make a plan and stick to it

First, be realistic about your goals. Getting your prenatal body back won’t happen overnight due to many factors. However, setting up some achievable goals will keep you on your path. Start by eating nutritious meals every day. Crash diets are not recommended because women need to breastfeed, stay healthy and have a lot of energy. Nutritious meals rich in lean protein, healthy sources of fat, whole grains, leafy greens, and veggies will give your body enough calories to heal, remain strong and full of energy. Starving yourself will slow down your metabolism and also affect the quality of breast milk. Drink enough fluids during the day, too. Proper hydration also speeds up the metabolism and reduces unhealthy cravings. 

Get moving again

Women who gave birth naturally should wait at least six weeks until they start moving again. A C-section requires a longer downtime of at least eight weeks. Either way, you should first consult with your doctor. Once a medical professional gives you the green light, start incorporating more movement into your every day. Start by going on regular strolls with your baby around the neighbourhood. Increase the time spent walking each day by at least 10 minutes. If you feel like you can double the time spent walking, feel free to do that. At first, focus on regaining your stamina. Your body will use this time to get used to being active again. Also, this will help you ease back into your fitness routine.

Slowly restore muscle strength

Once you feel strong enough to start exercising again, choose a low-impact activity like cardio, yoga, swimming, pilates or jogging. In addition to this, focus on postnatal exercises that primarily strengthen your pelvic floor and remedy abdominal separation. It is important to do this in a safe manner because the female body after pregnancy is not ready for strenuous exercise. If you want to feel like your old self again, ease your body into exercise with the help of postnatal pilates. These exercises will help you engage the deepest layers of abdominal muscles and pelvic floor with the help of controlled movement. 

Get some sleep whenever you can

Life with a baby can be so unpredictable because they go to sleep and wake up whenever they feel the need to. Moms are often sleep deprived due to their baby’s sleeping schedules. A newborn does not know the difference between night and day, therefore moms should learn how to adjust. Try to sleep whenever your baby is sleeping. If you can’t fall asleep, lay down with your eyes closed. Getting enough sleep is essential for your metabolism and losing weight. Not sleeping enough can rack havoc on your metabolism and slow it down. Also, take turns with your husband during the baby night shifts. Getting help when you need it the most will create time to get some proper shut-eye.

Beat the new mom weight loss plateau

Every weight loss journey is bound to experience a plateau. The same thing happens to new moms who try to get their bodies back. Once this plateau happens, do not get discouraged, just push through. Keep on eating right, move with your baby, exercise and do your best to maintain current weight. You’ve come so far to just give up so easily because you’ve realized that you’re stagnating. Your ultimate goal should be to stay healthy and fit. Everything else will surely come over time.

Losing baby weight should never be rushed as it is not a marathon. First, give your body time to heal and yourself some time to adjust to life with a baby. Everything else requires a bit of dedication and time. Remember that it is okay to have a few extra pounds and remind yourself that these few pounds will go away once your body is ready to shed them.

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