Gifts for Children That Will Foster Their Imagination

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Gifts for Children That Will Foster Their Imagination

Children are bright young creatures with a perspective on the world that yields brilliant creativity. As parents, wanting to nurture this imaginative side is a natural response; as watching them build, create and think outside the box has benefits that can help them even later in life. It is important, therefore, to provide them with gifts; whether it be for their birthday or some other occasion; that foster these skills and ways of thinking. Read ahead for the best gifts which nurture your child’s creative side. Gifts for children that will foster their imagination.


These are some of the most inexpensive but exciting ways to unlock your child’s imagination. They can become superheroes, firefighters, pirates, spies, and even animals! You can choose a generic popular character for your child to dress as, but to spark absolute joy, purchasing a dress-up of their favourite hero or princess can make this one of their favourite gifts of all time!

Face Paint

In a similar manner, the transformative aspect of face paint is a fantastic thing to encourage – and while face paints can be slightly messier, they can foster artistic skills in a young age and have your child thinking about the experience of other lives.


These toys are great, as they encourage children to put on performances, think of their own narratives, and be actively involved in the story, rather than passively watching one. You can get involved too, and have interactive bonding sessions with your child.

Personalised Story Books

It can be a very exciting thing to see yourself in a storybook, and there are lots of options available online to find a theme that suits your child. A traditional fairy tale book is also good to consider to transport your child into magical realms and environments which feed the imagination, but personalised books can really help to immerse them further.

Building Blocks

These can come in a variety of forms – magnetic, wooden, and plastic. The types of structures your child makes will be fascinating to observe, and it teaches them simultaneously about balance, shapes, and interlocking or attaching structures. These can spark endless amounts of fun and will work for hours upon hours to bring smiles to their faces and foster their creative mindsets.

Plush Toys

Children often form attachments to soft toys; their material makes them great for cuddling at night and they make great companions in the daytime. They can be a source of comfort, but also spark amazing progress in empathy and imaginative skills. Children often imagine their fluffy companion as a fully-fledged identity with thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Traditional bears and bunnies are great, but there has been a rising trend amongst plushie toys that are depictions of mythical creatures, such as dragons and unicorns, which you can find at sites like Finding Unicorns. This can be great for encouraging them to consider others and can be a learning tool to teach your child how their actions can affect other children or adults.

Try some of these items for a present which your child will love, and that will also affect their lives in ways they won’t even realise.

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